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5 Reasons You Need Netflix's 'A Christmas Prince' in Your Life Immediately

Netflix just delivered the Christmas movie dreams are made of.

5 Reasons You Need to Watch 'A Christmas Prince' on Netflix

There are certain beloved holiday movies which capture the splendor and joy of the Christmas season. Alongside the birth of Jesus himself, these movies stand as part of the Christmas cannon — think, A Christmas Story or It's a Wonderful Life. And then, there are the holiday movie equivalents of finding a sedative on the floor of a Joann Fabric. You think, "I shouldn't, that's tacky." But, you consume it anyway, and an hour and a half later, you are oh-so-glad you did. 

With that in mind, let me humbly introduce you to a little film entitled, A Christmas Prince. The seasonal rom-com is Netflix's initial attempt at a Hallmark-esq holiday movie, and let's just say that the student has surpassed the master. With it's audacious devotion to Christmas movie clichés, A Christmas Prince has already amassed quite the online following. Apart from the fact that no character is in anyway related to Santa, this film is an amalgamation of nearly every romantic-Christmas-movie trope in existence. 

A Christmas Prince tells the heart-numbing tale of Amber (iZombie's Rose McIver), a plucky aspiring journalist, and Prince Richard, a reluctant heir to the throne of Aldovia. Amber's boss, a diet-version Miranda Priestly, sends the "journalist" across the Atlantic to cover a royal press conference. When the conference is cancelled due to a certain unwilling heir (*cough, cough, Prince Richard*) Amber hustles her way inside the castle by posing as a tutor for the Prince's 10-year-old sister.

So without further ado, here are five reasons you need to cancel your plans tonight to watch the national treasure that is, A Christmas Prince

1. Amber's shoddy attempt at journalism

Halfway into the movie you realize why Amber is struggling to break through in the media industry: the girl ain't very good at her job — evidenced by this screen grab of her notes:

2. The film's comically low budget

Netflix, the streaming service that brought you the most expensive TV show to date  (The Crown), has now bequeathed us a film with a budget so low you will trip over it. I mean string lights? For a coronation ceremony? C'mon Aldovia, you're better than this.

5 Reasons You Need to Watch 'A Christmas Prince' on Netflix

3. Amber's style 

I don't want to spoil the movie too much, but this girl is a little too keen on her Converse. We get it, she's a home-grown, down-to-Earth kinda gal, but Converse? For a royal ball? C'mon Amber, you're better than this. (Amber is not, in fact, better than this.)

4. The cheesiness 

This almost goes without saying... almost: Netflix leaned into the cheesiness so hard, you're going to need a Lactaid. Any holiday movie with a slow motion snowball fight is good in my book. 

5. People on the Internet are raving about it

Have you seen A Christmas Prince? If so, you're in good company. 

Please tell us your thoughts on this holiday masterpiece.