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The Duo That Brought Us 'Game of Thrones' Will Now Write and Produce a New 'Star Wars' Trilogy

It's a lot to take in, we know.

The Duo That Brought Us 'Game of Thrones' Will Now Write and Produce a New 'Star Wars' Trilogy

Benjamin Franklin once said, "In this world, nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes and a new Star Wars movie every year until the end of time."

Well, it looks like old Benji was right because, on Tuesday, Disney announced that the creators of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, have signed on to write and produce a new Star Wars trilogy.

"In the summer of 1977 we traveled to a galaxy far, far away, and we’ve been dreaming of it ever since," Benioff and Weiss said in a joint statement. "We are honored by the opportunity, a little terrified by the responsibility, and so excited to get started as soon as the final season of Game of Thrones is complete."

If you're starting to lose track of all the Star Wars movies in the works, we'll help you out.

First, there's the continuation of the original Star Wars saga — you know the one with Rey, Finn, and Kylo Ren. This trilogy is set to wrap up in 2019 with Star Wars: Episode IX, which is written and directed by J.J. Abrams.

Then, there's Rian Johnson's trilogy that was announced last November. These movies will exist independently of the Skywalker narrative, and will instead focus on "new characters from a corner of the galaxy that Star Wars lore has never before explored."

And finally, we have the Ron Howard-directed, stand-alone film, Solo: A Star Wars Story, which comes out this May.

You get a Star Wars, and you get a Star Wars, and you get a Star Wars!*

*Unless you're not a white dude.

Lest you forget, Disney only acquired Lucasfilm a mere six years ago — which reminds me of another famous Franklin quote: "The devil works hard, but Disney works harder."

"David and Dan are some of the best storytellers working today," said the president of Lucasfilm, Kathleen Kennedy in a statement. "Their command of complex characters, depth of story and richness of mythology will break new ground and boldly push Star Wars in ways I find incredibly exciting."

For the meantime, Benioff and Weiss are slowly wrapping up with their massively-successful HBO series, which will come to an end in 2019. The writing and producing duo had previously announced that they would follow-up Game of Thrones with another HBO series entitled, Confederate. The show, which was set to take place in an alternate reality in which the South had won the Civil War, sparked outcry online. It's unknown if the series is still in the works.