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Rumor Alert: Mel Gibson Might End Up Directing the 'Suicide Squad' Sequel

Well this is just strange...

Rumor Alert: Mel Gibson Might End Up Directing the 'Suicide Squad' Sequel
Getty Images | Warner Bros.

File this news under weird and probably inadvisable, but there's a rumor floating around that Warner Bros. is trying to get Mel Gibson to direct the sequel to Suicide Squad. It's strange for any number of reasons, but let's just reel off a few.

First, MEL GIBSON would officially end his stint as a Hollywood pariah by directing a comic book movie in which one of the key characters, Harley Quinn, is trapped in an abusive relationship. Second, Gibson's directorial efforts up to now have been high-minded dramas over which he had complete control. Following up the Oscar-nominated Hacksaw Ridge with a comic book movie would make for a strange transition into territory that is neither high-minded nor independent. Comic book films are notoriously convoluted behind the scenes with studios and creative teams regularly over-ruling directors in both the DC and Marvel universes. Third, the movie would inescapably be a Mel Gibson movie first, no matter what anyone else says — such is the power of Gibson's name. Fourth, David Ayer would be out of a job. Fifth, remember one of Suicide Squad's saving graces was its diversity. Doesn't Warner Bros. they might be courting some serious backlash by putting Mel Gibson in charge?

Of course, it's a little too early to get all worked up about this development. The Hollywood Reporter notes in its story that talks are in their earliest stages, and no one has made any kind of official comment on the subject.

The news is the latest tidbit that makes the DC Cinematic Universe seem like this massively unstable beast that no one knows what to do with. Especially since over the past week Ben Affleck went from being the next Batman movie's director to maybe leaving the franchise altogether.

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