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The film isn't going to be like 'Purple Rain,' though.
Tim Allen blurted out the news on last night's appearance on late-night TV.
The eighth installment of the 'Rocky' films will see Creed step into the ring with Ivan Drago's son, Viktor.
The first full-length 'Dumbo' trailer proves the Tim Burton adaptation will be just as whimsical, magical, and devastating as the original.
At least one major star has committed to an upcoming movie based on the beloved AMC series, 'Breaking Bad,' and more could be on the way.
A new promo proves the sequel will be just as supercalifragilistic as the 1964 classic.
The promo for the Disney live-action film suggests it will stay true to the original.
In celebration of the Disney film, the cast of the beloved movie got together for a special event.
The network's upcoming film, 'Terror In The Woods,' is based on the Wisconsin attack that nearly took the life of a young girl.
The sequel to the beloved film starring Tyra Banks will debut sooner than you thought.
The 'To All the Boys I've Loved Before' star is headed back to your TV screen, but this time as a teenage assassin.
The actress is in talks to play Barbie in an upcoming live-action film based on the iconic doll.
According to executive producer Barbara Broccoli, there will "never" be a gender swap in the Bond franchise.
The 2002 Disney animated flick is the newest to get the live-action treatment.
Bradley Cooper's directorial debut has been years in the making.
A new camera test snippet of Phoenix as DC's most popular villain has sent the web into a frenzy.
Let's breakdown the triumphant trailer for the new Marvel film.
The victim gave her name and thanked Olivia Munn in a powerful statement.
The Netflix film relies way too much on stereotypes to be groundbreaking.
Stone is dropping out of the project to promote her awards season contender, 'The Favourite.'