Screen News

Could Marvel's latest be one of its greatest?
Could this casting BE anymore on-the-nose?
"I had to stand up in front of people and feel something I don’t feel which is uncomplicated happiness."
Alcoholism, chronic pain, gray hair, and an AARP membership! (Almost all true.)
Come on, no one will ever top Gene Wilder's portrayal of the eccentric candy man.
And they shut down the comments because, well, you know...
He says the dark acolyte almost made some very different decisions!
The environmental crusader is ready to take pollution down to zero.
Director J.A. Bayona says the events of the film "really are shocking."
He's playing Caliban in the upcoming Wolverine movie, 'Logan.'
The actress will play the queen of Atlantis and Jason Momoa's wife.
The news comes after a blog post revealed that a '30-something European trader' — not Mulan — would be the star of the film.
The British director is known for his fight scenes, not so much his family friendliness.
You might see the Sanderson sisters fly again!
'Disenchanted' has found a director and Amy Adams is set to return as Giselle.
Based on a graphic novel, 'My Friend Dahmer' will follow the killer through his high school years.
The years have not been kind to the Professor.
New details (and a title!) were revealed Wednesday.