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Vettel youngest driver to earn F1 point

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Indianapolis, Indiana - Germany's Sebastian Vettel on Sunday became the youngest driver to score a point in a Formula 1 race.

He was eighth in Sunday's US GP.

Vettel, aged 19, was driving for BMW as a substitute for Robert Kubica who was in a spectacular crash during the previous weekend's Canadian GP.

Englishman Jenson Button had been the youngest; he won a point when he was 20.

"It was fantastic, great fun," Vettel said after the race. "I tried to prepare myself for this kind of task so in I knew this could happen. It's just a question of where and when

"As a reserve driver, you always have to be fit."

Another Englishman, Lewis Hamilton, won the race but eighth was good for Vettel who only found out that he would be driving at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Thursday afternoon.

"I could have been a bit quicker," he said, "but I was stuck quite often in traffic. It was extremely tough to overtake the other guys - they are not sleeping and they know how to defend."

Vettel is already rated as one of Germany's brightest young talents and his performance in Indianapolis will have strengthened that reputation but BMW motorsport boss Mario Theissen has assured Kubica that his position in the Sauber team is secure.

"Robert will have to pass another medical check before the French GP. If he gets the green light he will be back in his race seat." - AFP
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