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Selena Gomez Is Reportedly Receiving Psychiatric Treatment Following A 'Breakdown'

The singer is said to have been hospitalized for a separate health issue ahead of her reported 'emotional breakdown.'

Selena Gomez Is Reportedly Receiving Psychiatric Treatment Following A 'Breakdown'
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On Wednesday, October 10, TMZ broke the news that Selena Gomez is receiving psychiatric treatment following an "emotional breakdown." Representatives for the singer/actress/model have yet to confirm, but Gomez has been on a social media hiatus for several weeks. It may be some time before they decide to make anything public, but the outlet shared important details that may help fans understand what happened.

According to TMZ, Gomez checked in to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in the latter half of September. This was reportedly due to an issue related to her 2017 kidney transplant (when she received a kidney from her longtime friend, fellow actress Francia Raisa), not due to mental health concerns. Gomez was released at some point, and TMZ noted a fan site posted a picture of her with fans in Los Angeles on September 27. Unfortunately, as her white blood cell count had not improved following her first hospital check-in, she had to be readmitted.

This was reportedly when Gomez suffered from an emotional break. The outlet reported (somewhat dramatically) that being forced to re-enter the hospital "threw [her] into a downward emotional spiral" that rapidly progressed into a "meltdown." TMZ stated she "freaked out" when she was told she couldn't leave and attempted to remove the IVs from her arm. As a result, she was checked into an "East Coast facility" that specializes in psychiatric treatment.


Also per TMZ, Gomez is thought to be receiving "dialectical behavior therapy" in the unnamed treatment center. DBT, which the singer has reportedly received in the past, treats a variety of mood disorders. She's been open with fans for years about her personal struggles, including major depression and anxiety, and her lifelong battle with the autoimmune disease Lupus meant she needed a kidney transplant at age 24. Whether Gomez suffered a panic attack — which does not often require in-patient treatment —or something more severe is unclear. Either way, it isn't entirely out of the blue. She struggles with mental health and autoimmune disorders, which are a lot for any person to cope with — let alone one that's been famous for, uh, the bulk of their lives. (Seriously, she was on Barney and Friends as a toddler.) 

As fans have pointed out, Gomez has been absent from her socials for several weeks and has made no public appearances. On September 23, she announced publicly she'd be taking another break from social media — something she's done on and off for years, and is probably good for everyone to consider — but she didn't give an explanation.

Gomez has bravely fought numerous health challenges, and all in the public eye. She has, however, kept many things to herself despite fame, including her lupus diagnosis, undergoing chemotherapy for lupus, her kidney transplant, and various romantic relationships. When she checked into a rehabilitation center in 2014, people assumed it was for addiction, but she revealed to GQ several years ago that it was simply to get a grip on her mental health.


As it happens, October 10 is World Mental Health Awareness Day. Many have flocked to social media to discuss their own struggles and encourage other sufferers to reach out — a difficult first step in the path to wellness.

Again, neither Gomez nor her team have confirmed this report, but she deserves everyone's well wishes and privacy at this time.

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