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Four Things We Learned About Justin Bieber From His Deposition Tapes

(Instagram)When Justin Bieber sat for a taped deposition in relation to a lawsuit filed against him by a paparazzo, he must have known that eventually, his answers would end up on the Internet. Bieber, whose bodyguards have been accused of attacking photographer Jeffrey Binion in Miami last year, rose to the occasion. He offered plenty of TMZ-worthy material during his 4.5 hour deposition, despite seeming determined not to answer any questions at all.

TMZ condensed the footage down to several short clips, and while they've admittedly been heavily edited for emphasis, we did learn a lot about Justin. Like...

1. Justin does not know the difference between "detrimental" and instrumental."
Well, maybe he does — but he sometimes mixes them up. Asked if he felt that Usher was instrumental to his career, Bieber answered, "I was found on YouTube. I think that I was detrimental to my own career." He then sleepily corrects himself, but whatever: Dude spoke truth the first time.

2. He has something against Katie Couric.
Justin, a master of passive aggression, jokingly referred to the interrogating lawyer as "Katie Couric," shortly after pretending to fall asleep in his leather swivel chair. He then adds "I know what you're doing," implying that he thinks he's being set up for gossip-related purposes.

3. He has a real sore spot when it comes to Selena Gomez.
Though Justin spends a lot of time cockily deflecting questions in TMZ's clips, he maintains a cool exterior... right up until the photographer's lawyer asks a question about Selena Gomez. Bieber rubs his chin, accuses the lawyer of being a journalist, puts his hand over his eyes and repeatedly mutters, "Don't ask me about her again." His lawyers then call for a break.

4. He still has that terrible little mustache.
Really, it is so terrible.

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