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5 Selfish Reasons Why We're Glad Justin and Selena are Back Together

Let's face it: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together. First they went on a Segway ride, then they jumped right back into posting angsty selfies on Instagram, which, in the world of young pop superstars, is basically one step away from marriage. While there have been many mixed reactions to the rekindled romance, there are five very selfish reasons why we're stoked about the news. Maybe this will help you decide if you're ready to support Team Jelena once more.

1. A new supply of couples selfies.
Bieber posted their latest with the caption, "Love the way you look at me." How egotistical and awesome is that?
Here's another great Jelena selfie:
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2. Bieber's music is much better when he's in love.
No offense, Biebs, but all of those downer breakup songs kind of sucked. A lot more "Baby" and a lot less "Bad Day," please.

3. Bieber behaves a lot better when he's in love.
Don't expect the star to be parading around shirtless and peeing in buckets OR visiting South American prostitutes under Gomez's watch. Maybe he'll even stop speeding. His neighbors are probably ordering her flowers right this very second.

4. There's bound to be drama.
You can't make up and break up 596 times without having more drama on the 570th go-around. So hold onto your hats, guys, it's going to be another wild ride. However, expect to also have some really cute moments in there too. Remember the time Bieber rented out the entire Staples Center so they could have a romantic dinner and watch Titanic?

5. Belieber comments about the relationship are fantastic.
Need some fun light reading? Look no further than Instagram and Twitter. The comments on the black and white selfie are easily some of the most entertaining we've read in all four days of this year.

There's the excited and supportive comments: 
"JELENA RETURNED? is beautiful!, you have no idea how we're glad to see them together and fandoms Selenators beliebers <3 I still can not believe AGUANTE JELENA FOREVER!"

"I hate the fact that some beliebers are hating and telling justin this is a wrong decision that Selena hurt him and he stills go back to her but you have to realize you can't play the blame game because Selena was hurt too! But as much time they spent apart they're back now even if they're just friends or more than that they love each other and at the end of the day u have to respect that because how would u feel if people were constantly telling you who you could date or who you can't or telling you who you can be friends with. This is Justin's life and no matter what you do you can't control it but what you can do is support his decisions even if he makes mistakes we'll be right there to catch him when he falls so just stop hating I 100% support JELENA I love them and I have been waiting for them to reunite since like forever!!!"

The angry comments:
"I would choke slam justin bieber into a saguaro cactus"

The indifferent:
"O well"

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