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Is Selena Gomez Planning an Indie Rock Reinvention?

(Getty Images)Selena Gomez braved the snow in Park City, Utah this week to promote her new William H. Macy flick Rudderless, in which she plays the daughter of a man who discovers a love of music late in life. Asked when she discovered her own musical abilities at a press junket, Selena played modest, insisting that she still hasn't done it.

"I started music when I was 14. And I had like four No. 1 club songs before I was even allowed in a club. So I think that journey still kind of is happening for me," she explained. "I've never really had the opportunity to share a lot of that side of myself through lyrical content. So that's stuff that I get to explore later."

This isn't the first time Selena has hinted at wanting to get deeper on future musical endeavors — when she's not dropping bombs about retiring from the stage altogether, that is. But her answer became even more intriguing after she treated the crowd at a Rudderless party to a couple of duets with indie folkster Ben Kweller. Kweller makes his acting debut in the film, which also stars Billy Crudup, Felicity Huffman, and Anton Yelchin.

Some dedicated fan strung together a series of social media snippets from the evening, including a pared down rendition of "Come and Get It" and a new folk tune, which some speculate may appear on the Rudderless soundtrack. 

In addition to the Selena tunes, Kweller also treated the crowd to some of his vintage work (Selena fans hoping to get more familiar with the Austin-based singer-songwriter should check out my personal favorite Kweller tune, "Believer"). 

So — would you be down with Selena's indie folk reinvention, were it to happen?

Given how much she's talked about really wanting to share more of herself in her work, it might be a good idea to step away from all those polished songwriters and producers who've directed the course of her career until this point. But don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

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