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Selena Gomez Loves Lorde Even if Lorde Doesn't Love Her

(Getty Images)With the Internet being what it is, it's mighty easy for celebrities to find themselves in so-called "feuds" every time they honestly speak their minds. That's precisely what happened to New Zealand pop sensation Lorde over and over again last year, as she learned the ropes of media sensationalism the hard way. At one point, she sent Selena Gomez fans into a tizzy when she criticized the message behind Gomez's breakout hit "Come and Get It."

"I love pop music on a sonic level," Lorde told an interviewer, "But I’m a feminist and the theme of that song is, ‘When you’re ready come and get it from me.’ I’m sick of women being portrayed this way." 

Though Gomez initially seemed hurt by the comment, telling interviewers that she felt that it wasn't very feminist to take shots at other women, in her new interview with Seventeen she seems to have changed her tune.

"I recently did an interview and they asked me who I thought was up-and-coming and making a difference. I said, 'She doesn't like me, but Lorde,'" Selena recalled. "I'm going to support her whether she likes me or not because I think she's doing great things. I've never met her, but she's extremely talented, and she has a voice that she likes to use, and I think that's great. Some day I will see her and we'll be cool."

Given that Selena and Lorde share a good pal in Taylor Swift, that last prediction seems right on the money. And maybe eventually Selena will recognize that Lorde's comments were about the song and not her as a person.

Gomez also lavished praise on her longtime friend Demi Lovato, naming her an inspiration alongside Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé. 

"[I] really look up to Demi, because at 13, she was writing songs about things that I couldn't even fathom. She is someone in music who has been a very big influence on me," Selena gushed.

Below, see Selena covering Lorde's "Royals" live in concert.

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