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5 Signs that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are Back Together

Pacific Coast News Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been on and off more times than most sprinkler systems over the last year. Just when everyone thinks they're done for good, they're spotted Segway-ing in Calabasas or pop up on Instagram together. This week, there's been plenty of Jelena sightings in Texas and all signs point toward a romantic reunion.

Here's the "evidence":

1. The Biebs jetted to Texas from Miami.
The star was having fun in the sun in Florida and then decided to fly out to Texas, where his gal is performing this week. We know SXSW is going on and there's plenty of celebs in the Lone Star State, but the exes are nearly five hours from the festivities in Austin. You don't leave the beach unless you're trying to win your girlfriend back. Duh.

2. They were photographed at Starbucks.
Sleuthy fans were all over Twitter with news of a Jelena sighting at Starbucks. Even TMZ was on it. And it definitely wasn't a Selena look-a-like at the coffee joint, since she posted an Instagram picture of herself with a caffeinated beverage moments after the sighting. No mentioned of her morning company, however.

3. They're dacing together.
After their coffee date, the exes went and got sweaty together, with the help of a choreographer. There's about a .02% chance that these two are now strictly business partners, but it's not immediately certain why they decided to spend their time working on dance moves. We'd like to imagine they're making a song together to announce that they're back together. Yeah, that would be sweet.

4. He went to her concert.
Gomez got back to touring Saturday night and it sounds like her main squeeze was in the audience. There was plenty of fan speculation then he tweeted coyly: "Saw a great show last night :)" 

5. The first cut is the deepest.
Take your first young love and magnify that by a zillion and add in millions of dollars and the ability to charter a private jet. That's Jelena. And they're probably going to keep doing this for a while. 

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