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Here's Why Shakira Loves This Mashup

Here's Why Shakira Loves This Mashup

A few buzzworthy tidbits from around the web to distract you from your work day.

Shakira is really impressed with this all-male a cappella group.  
The hips of Out of the Blue, Oxford University's men's a cappella group, clearly don't lie. Shakira is very impressed (as she should be). (via HuffingtonPost)

Beyonce and Jay Z want to know: "What breakup rumors?" 
According to the Internet, Bey and Jay are on their way to Splitsville and aren't looking back. Whether you believe the rumors or think they're one big PR play, here's proof life is all good in their world. "My favorite hue is JayZ Blue," the singer captioned the latest snap she posted to Instagram. Now, rumors be gone. 

In New Zealand, old people are getting very "Happy."
Yes! Finally, something to look forward to when we hit retirement. (via Bustle

What does Friends without jokes look like? 
Apparently, a whole lot of hatred for the mass-produced furnishings stocked at Pottery Barn. (via EW

We're really feeling Beyonce's "Single Ladies" read as a dramatic monologue. 
Shoulda put a ring on it!

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