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Sienna Miller Freaks Out at Malibu Gas Station

Trendy starlet and homewrecker Sienna Miller was close to tears Monday when she found herself surrounded by paparazzi at a Malibu gas station.

Aw, poor Sienna. Not liking all the negative attention these days? Here's a tip: don't mess around with married men, even if you convince yourself they're not happy in their marriages. The paparazzi will undoubtedly feast on you.

Sienna's been seen cavorting around the globe with billionaire heir/Brothers and Sisters actor Balthazar Getty. He has three kids with his wife Rosetta. He sucks, too.

Oh Sienna, I know. It sucks that you're like, famous and stuff, and that people care who you sleep with. Sienna eventually went to the local police station and asked for help dealing with the crowd. 

All images by FlynetPictures.

Sienna's reportedly worried that the homewrecking scandal is going to ruin her career. What career? Everything she's been in has totally bombed stateside. She's basically famous for eschewing pants.
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