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'Modern Family' Cast Recreates Classic TV Shows for 'The Hollywood Reporter'

This game of dress up will make you nostalgic.

What the heck! Is Jay cheating on Gloria?

Nah, it's nothing like that. It's just Sofia Vergara dressed up as Peg Bundy for a cool new photo spread in The Hollywood Reporter. The entire cast of ABC's hit comedy Modern Family posed as characters from six classic TV shows for THR's latest issue.

“My dream was getting Ed O’Neill to reprise his Married . . . with Children character, Al Bundy, with his current co-star Sofia Vergara as Peg Bundy,” said Stacey Wilson Hunt, who is THR's awards and special projects editor. With the help of 20th Century Fox Television, Hunt was able to recreate images of these popular TV shows.

Shanti Marlar, the creative director of THR, stated: “This cast is a well-oiled machine and was really into the idea.”

“I love dressing up like Ed’s first TV wife. I’m starting to think Ed just signs up for roles where his wife has really big boobs. I’m glad I made the cut!” Vergara joked to THR.

O’Neill added, “It was fun to revisit the Bundys with another beautiful woman.”

Check out the other recreations below.


The cast posed as Woody, Carla, Diane, Norm, Sam and Cliff.

“Ted Danson made wearing this outfit look so effortless,” said Ty Burrell. “I feel like I’m always pushing a rock up a hill."


Ariel Winter, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Eric Stonestreet dressed up as Daphne Moon, Niles Crane, and Frasier Crane respectively.

Breaking Bad and I Dream of Jeannie

On the left, Stonestreet and Ferguson posed as Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad. On the right, Nolan Gould and Sarah Hyland transformed into Major Nelson and Jeannie.

“Anytime you get to see Bry-Bry in his underwear blazing across the desert — hello!” joked Stonestreet while referring to Breaking Bad's unforgettable opening scene with Bryan Cranston in his underwear.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show

“I worship Mary Tyler Moore, and I think her show was one of the original great [programs] about a girl. She was funny, and she was smart. And she wasn’t just the girlfriend or the wife,” said Julie Bowen.

Judging from these incredible photos, both The Hollywood Reporter and the cast of Modern Family did a fantastic job of recreating these classic TV shows. What do you think? Modern Family will be competing for its sixth consecutive Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series during this Sunday night's Emmy Awards.

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