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Obama Seeks to Reopen Statue of Liberty

Intrepid Museum Returns To Its Manhattan Berth
The USS Intrepid passes by the Statue of Liberty enroute to her dock on the west side of Manhattan October 2, 2008 in New York. The Intrepid returned to Manhattan October 2 after a nearly two-year refurbishment. (Getty Images)more pics »For those aching to see the same view enjoyed by the fellas in Ghostbusters II (or where Wolverine and Sabertooth duked it out in X-Men), good news: you'll be able to climb the 354 stairs to the Staute of Liberyt's crown very, very soon.

The crown, and Liberty Island itself, was closed in aftermath of Sept. 11th. While Liberty Island has been opened to the crowds for a while now, the crown has remained sealed off. However, newly appointed Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar has said that reopening the crown is "is very important to me." There have been worries that the narrow spiral staircase could prove dangerous for those who suffered an injury, or in case of a fire.

To limit the chances of this, a lottery system is being proposed that would allow only 10 people per time up into the crown. With 20,000 visitors a day on a typical summer weekend, this would still hardly provide enough supply to meet demand, but hey, at least someone will be able to go. Just watch out for that Cloverfield monster.

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