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Stella McCartney Dishes About Designing for the Olympics & Sneaking Vodka Shots with Colin Firth

(Courtesy of Getty)
Stella McCartney with two Olympic athletes in her uniform designs. (Courtesy of Getty)
British designer Stella McCartney recently sat down with the Financial Times to talk about her role as Creative Director of Great Britain's Olympic team... and other stuff.

Like how at last year's Met Ball she and co-host Colin Firth snuck shots of Vodka behind the curtain.

"Colin Firth and I were standing at the top of the stairs, and every once in a while we’d go sneak some vodka shots behind the curtain," McCartney said.

Back on topic, McCartney discusses how challenging it was to design for the Olympics.
“Designing for athletes – enabling them to perform at their highest level – was a level of pressure I’ve never fel. You don’t ever want someone to say, ‘My clothes didn’t function perfectly.’ But at the same time, function has two meanings: they have to work at the performance level but they also have to work to make someone feel good psychologically. And then you have a whole country that has their own thoughts about what looks good.”
She also made sure she knew what the athletes wanted to wear—something people rarely ask them.
“You know, the first thing I did when we started the Olympic collection was ask the athletes, ‘Do you care what you wear? Does it make a difference?’ They were surprised: most people don’t ask them questions about what they wear. Ninety per cent of them said feeling good about their clothes helped with performance. And they said they wanted to look like a team when they walked into the Olympic village. The nice thing was many of them were clearly excited to have a designer involved; there was a sense it gave them something of an edge. Then I also asked them how often they worked out.”
Just like her other collections, she made a lookbook for the athletes, because she wanted to them to feel comfortable with what they will have to wear morning, noon, and night.

"I think if you’re not happy in what you are wearing, it makes a massive difference to how you feel," McCartney said. "And if you are happy, you can keep your clothes for ever.”

Amen sista.
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