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Top Chef Names First Ever Female Winner

Stephanie Izard, a 31-year-old chef from Chicago has a thing for seafood and pork. In the end, her passion for seafood helped her nab the title of Top Chef on the Bravo reality.

Her dishes of sautéed red snapper filet with truffled white asparagus and clam broth; seared quail breast with butter poached lobster ravioli and mango; lamb medallions with maitake mushrooms, olives and braised pistachios and ricotta pound cake white lime glaze, pineapple and salted banana cream are what propelled her to the top in the show's finale.

In the end, the judges decided Izard's dishes were the best, and based their decision on the fact that they'd like to have the meal again.

Izard is the fourth winner and only female to win the show. Along with the title of top chef, Izard also wins $100,000. The Chicago chef said she plans to open another restaurant in Chicago, which will emphasize global flavors, seafood and pork. Like that's a surprised.

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