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Labrinth Sends a Crowd Tumbling, and 5 Other Memorable Stage Dive Fails

MOBO Awards - Exclusive Show
Labrinth performs onstage at the 2012 MOBO awards at Echo Arena on November 3, 2012 in Liverpool, England. (Getty Images)more pics »On Saturday, English singer-songwriter Labrinth attempted to pump up the audience at the University of Kent's Summer Ball with a spontaneous stage dive. Unfortunately, the crowd was ill-prepared to handle the jump, and instead of surfing the crowd, Labrinth created a wave of another sort — with people dropping like dominoes.

Approximately 50 students lost their footing in the massive crowd of 2,000 in a moment captured on video by student Nasser Naoum. He explained, "He kept asking everyone to put their hands up in the air, but none of us knew it was actually because he expected us to catch him — we just thought it was for dancing purposes."

Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt. Check out the video below, and revisit other classic stage dive fails while you're at it.

The rockers in Green Day regularly encourage their fans to take stage dives — even the rookies. The guy below really shouldn't have opted to jump knees-first.

If you're going to stage dive, you just have to accept that it's not always going to work out like you hoped. Props to Machine Gun Kelly for picking up the verse right on cue even after his gnarly fall.

Thankfully Steve Aoki had a sense of humor about the epic stage dive fail he suffered during a Puerto Rico show in 2012. He was transported to the hospital in a neck brace after he bounced from his trampoline into the stage during a show (see just after the 1:00 mark in the video below), but suffered no serious injuries. Then he video-blogged about it.

Once upon a time, the hair band Skid Row peer pressured some poor dude by the name of "Big Jim" into an epically bad stage dive. And then they giggled at him. "Dude. That wasn't a good idea, was it?" Sebastian Bach, you jerk.

A man the Internet describes as "Mandragora's cocky guitarist" decided to liven up an awards ceremony by whipping his braid around and diving into a crowd of journalists. JOURNALISTS. Brilliant decision. Check it out at 0:45.
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