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Watch the Teaser for 'Lincoln' and Learn How to Hang Out with Steven Spielberg

(Photo: DreamWorks)

The hype is building for Steven Spielberg's upcoming biopic of America's arguably most famous and most influential president, especially since he's being portrayed by arguably the world's most talented actor, Daniel Day-Lewis. Lincoln is set to hit theaters in less than two months (November 9 to be exact), but until now, the only morsels Spielberg's doled out to the public have been a few still photos of Day-Lewis in character.

Today, the first piece of actual footage made its way online as a preview for the preview. Unfortunately, the teaser doesn't show much of Day-Lewis or anyone in particular for that matter. We get a series of Civil War shots and the back of Lincoln's head while a voiceover reads from the Gettysburg Address. Which brings us to our first question: Who's doing the reading? Safe money's one Daniel Day-Lewis since he's the one playing the man in the stovepipe hat, but it definitely doesn't sound anything like him. Maybe it's just a dramatic departure from the milkshake-drinking Daniel Plainview of There Will Be Blood.

The teaser also reveals the official trailer for Lincoln will make its debut September 13 at 7pm EDT, after which Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who plays Lincoln's son Robert, will be taking questions via Google sponsored "hangout" (aka Google's version of a video chatroom.)

Check out the teaser:
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