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'Black-ish' Creator Kenya Barris Has A 'Bewitched' Reboot In The Works

We, however, are in desperate need of a reboot cleanse.

'Black-ish' Creator Kenya Barris Has A 'Bewitched' Reboots In The Works

It seems we may never again see a new series on network television.

Deadline reports ABC has a pilot commitment for a Bewitched reboot from Black-ish creator and Girls Trip co-writer Kenya Barris. While Barris's contract with ABC ended earlier this month, the Black-ish creator reportedly sold the show right before parting ways with the network. Barris has since moved to Netflix (surprise, surprise), signing a deal worth a cool $100 million. 

The original series starred Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha, a witch who comically attempts to live out a normal suburban life with her mortal husband, Darrin. The series ran on ABC from 1964 to 1972. In 2005, the series was adapted into a poorly received movie starring Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell.

In the past decade, Sony Pictures TV has twice attempted to reboot Bewitched, once in 2011 at CBS, and then again in 2014 with ABC. This time around the series will focus on Samantha, a hard-working black single mom (and witch, obviously), who meets and marries Darren, a mortal white guy, who Deadline describes as "a bit of a slacker." Why do we already feel like Samantha could do better?

"[Samantha and Darren] struggle to navigate their differences as she discovers that even when a black girl is literally magic, she’s still not as powerful as a decently tall white man with a full head of hair in America," reads the show's description, in part.

If you aren't feeling this upcoming Bewitched reboot (or any of the other 50 million reboots in the works), rest assured you can currently stream the original Bewitched on Hulu.

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