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Here’s Why Black Lightning Will Be the Wokest Superhero on TV

Get ready to experience “an authentic black voice” at the forefront of a major superhero franchise.

Here’s Why Black Lightning Will Be the Wokest Superhero on TV
The CW

Oh, lighten up!

Black Lightning is the latest addition to The CW’s superhero lineup, and its Comic-Con debut left us feeling pumped. Based on the exclusive sneak peek presented during the panel, the thought-provoking new series will explore the push-and-pull of the justice system, and how it can often fail the people who need it the most.

“It’s time [for Black Lightning],” stated executive producer Salim Akil at the show’s panel. “Jefferson Pierce is the epitome of what black men are: He loves his wife, his children, and the community. This family is the Obamas of the superhero world. This show will have an authentic black voice. This character will add something to the conversation. We’ve always been character-based and we’ll continue to be character-based. It’s about when and how he uses his powers and why. We want people to get to know this family. Their powers, like their race, is only part of who they are. There’s definitely a problem with police brutality and we will get into that. There’s also a problem with us killing each other and we’ll talk about that too.”

Here’s Why Black Lightning Will Be the Wokest Superhero on TV
The CW

In fact, Pierce returns to his superhero roots because he refuses to let darkness consume the light he so desperately needs to hold onto.

For Cress Williams, who is taking on the iconic role of Jefferson Pierce, the shift from bad guy to good guy is a huge one. The actor has mostly portrayed villains in the past, so it’s definitely a delight to see him switch sides. In fact, Pierce takes his responsibility as a superhero one step further by going directly into the community to effect change positively — not only for his family but for those who have been crippled and overlooked by the system.

“He’s trying to save the world one person at a time,” added Williams.

More power to that!

Oh, and if that wasn’t a good enough reason to start watching Black Lightening, here are two more: Dextar star James Remar has been cast as Gambi, while Criminal Minds alum Damon Gupton will portray Inspector Henderson. Both actors will appear as series regulars.

Black Lightning will debut midseason on The CW.