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According To The Latest 'Stranger Things' Promo Video, Everyone's Favorite Mom Is Now Working At The Starcourt Mall

Listen, if anything can revive American malls, it's 'Stranger Things.'

According To The Latest ‘Stanger Things’ Promo Video, Everyone’s Favorite Mom Is Now Working At The Starcourt Mall

Before millennials ruthlessly gutted American malls (along with homeownership and the diamond industry), malls were a place of teenage refuge.

Or, so says the latest Stranger Things promo for Season 3.

You may recall, Stranger Things' first season was all about Dungeons and Dragons, while much of Season 2 took place at the arcade. We're guessing that this time around, Eleven and crew will be kicking it at the mall.

Hawkins' new mall comes complete with a Sam Goody, a Gap, and a Waldenbooks. Most importantly, it's home to Scoops Ahoy Ice Cream Parlor, the workplace of none other than beloved Hawkins mom, Steve Harrington (Joe Keery). The promo also gives us our first glimpse at Maya Hawke as Robin, a character described as an "alternative girl, who is equal parts sharp and playful."

As we learn in the '80s-tastic promo video, the Starcourt Mall will open its doors to Hawkin residents next summer – likely a hint that Season 3 won't be out for another year.

According to the AJC, Netflix transformed Atlanta's Gwinnett Place Mall back in May, revamping the nearly dead shopping center into a thriving mall straight out of the '80s.

Queue our giddy excitement for Season 3!