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'Black Mirror' Will Reportedly Feature An Interactive Episode In Season 5

Do you think the show can pull off an episode like this?

'Black Mirror' Will Reportedly Feature An Interactive Episode In Season 5

Just when you thought Black Mirror couldn't get freakier, the show totally outdoes itself.

According to a new report in Bloomberg, the top secret fifth season of Black Mirror will premiere in December 2018 for a holiday rollout. Production on the cult hit began earlier this year and the series is currently shooting. Season 5 will surely be filled with major surprises, including a choose your adventure style episode that will allow fans to directly interact with the story. Yes, that means viewers will make key decisions for the episode's protagonist and ultimately determine that character's fate.

Sounds crazy, right? For a show that masterfully narrates the decline of humanity at the hands of technological advancement, this news is certainly ironic and slightly terrifying.

Netflix has yet to release details about how complicated the narrative options will be or what the episode is about. Let's just hope it's more of an intense romance like "San Junipero" rather than a life-altering, mind bender like "USS Callister."

What do you think about an interactive Black Mirror episode? Hit the comments to dish and discuss all your unfiltered feelings.