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Cruella De Vil Is Returning to 'Once Upon a Time'

Victoria Smurfit will reprise her role as the '101 Dalmatians' villain.

Cruella Is Returning to 'Once Upon a Time'

She lives for fur. She worships fur. And now, once again, she'll be pushing her fuzzy agenda in Once Upon a Time.

EW has reported that Irish actress Victoria Smurfit will reprise her role as Disney's Cruella De Vil on the hit fantasy show. Instead of a one-off cameo, however, the actress will appear in multiple episodes in the second half of the new season.

Cruella Is Returning to 'Once Upon a Time'

Last we saw the animally-inclined yet doggy-averse dame, she was lobbying for a very different ending to her story than that of 101 Dalmatians. Fans will be surprised to see her back, as her story on the show ultimately ended in her own demise.

Or so we thought.

Other Once Upon a Time alumni returning for the upcoming season include Robbie Kay (Peter Pan) and Barbara Hershey (Cora).

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