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9 Other Shows Netflix Should Revive Now That 'Lucifer' Is Saved

Fox canceled the supernatural crime drama in May, but the streaming giant has scooped it up.

9 other shows Netflix should revive now that "Lucifer" is saved

Fox canceled supernatural crime drama Lucifer in May, and since then, the show's dedicated fanbase hasn't stopped rallying for a comeback. Looks like all that noise was heard, because Netflix has officially picked up Lucifer for its fourth season! If you're unfamiliar, Lucifer is based on a character from the Sandman comic series created by Neil Gaiman. It follows the devil (Lucifer Morningstar, played by Tom Ellis) as he consults for the LAPD. The show ran on Fox for three seasons and ended on a cliffhanger written especially to drum up enthusiasm if the show was canceled.

On June 15, Lucifer's official Twitter account wrote, "Fans, your voices have been heard. Season 4 coming to Netflix!!!"

The streaming giant has saved canceled network shows before, including Arrested Development and Longmire. Other recently canceled shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Expanse have also found news homes on NBC and Amazon, respectively.

As long as Netflix is playing good guy show-saver, there are a few others we'd like to suggest get "un-canceled."

Here are nine other shows Netflix should revive now.

1. Happy Endings

Happy Endings has a small but dedicated fanbase that's constantly rallying for a reboot. Conveniently, the show's cast is 100 percent ready to reprise their roles.

"I think if [Happy Endings] was on now, people would be going crazy, especially if it was on one of the streaming networks," cast member Eliza Coupe told Decider last month. "There’d be more leeway to be a little more edgy and not so cookie-cutter. I think maybe people weren’t necessarily ready for it, particularly the networks. If it was on now, it’d be gobbled up and we’d be winning in every category at the Emmys for comedy."

2. Shadowhunters

Freeform canceled Shadowhunters in early June because the show was just too expensive to continue (in part because Netflix ended its international distribution deal). The YA novel adaptation will air its final 10 episodes some time next year. Shadowhunters fans are so serious about saving this show they've collected 100,000 signatures on a Change.org petition and raised $9,000 for LGBTQ foundation, The Trevor Project.

3. Difficult People

Listen, it wasn't the biggest show, or even the most beloved, but it was funny as hell. Difficult People was canceled after only four seasons on Hulu. It seemed the show's creators, Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner, were blindsided because the final season felt very rushed. On Netflix, it would be the perfect companion to Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

4. Great News

Great News was another NBC series that should have been on a streaming service from the start. It was smart, quippy, and unforgettable. The comedy came from Tracey Wigfield, who worked on both 30 Rock and The Mindy Project (which was also canceled and saved by Hulu). Great News was canceled after a mere two seasons, and many fans think it didn't get enough time to grow into itself.  

5. Underground

WGN America's Underground was canceled in May 2017. It was the network's last original scripted drama (WGN now airs only syndicated episodes from its sister companies and less expensive unscripted content). After the show — which chronicled the many journeys of the historic Underground Railroad — was canned, producer John Legend tried to find it a new home. Sadly, he was unsuccessful. We think it's a great fit for Netflix.

6. Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies is one of those critically acclaimed yet commercially unsuccessful shows that fans still talk about today. It was canceled six episodes into its second season back in 2009. Interestingly, creator Bryan Fuller pitched it to ABC to fill the void left by the recently canceled Roseanne reboot. If ABC doesn't bite, maybe Netflix will?

7. 30 Rock

Here's the thing: Tina Fey doesn't want to revive 30 Rock. Instead, she says she'd like to make a spinoff starring Liz Lemon and Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation. For us, this isn't as exciting as bringing back her beloved NBC sitcom, which we're confident Netflix subscribers would eat up.

8. Good Girls Revolt

Good Girls Revolt only ran for one season on Amazon and was canceled before it got the chance to shine. It had a cool feminist premise, starred a bunch of badass women, and tackled situations like workplace discrimination and gender equality in the late '60s. It's a shame this show never got the chance to prove its worth, as it would be exceptionally timely during the #MeToo era. 

9. The X-Files

This cult classic ran forever, ended, rebooted, and got canceled again. None of the original episodes are currently available on Netflix, so let's get those up there. Then, let's pump out some new episodes! Series star Gillian Anderson says she's not returning to the series, but maybe she'd change her mind for the good people of Netflixia?

Which shows do you think Netflix should revive? Comment below!