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New 'Riverdale' Teaser Trailer Proves Season 3 Will Be Darker And Weirder Than Ever

Vixens and Serpent tattoos and cults, oh my!

The 'Riverdale' Teaser Trailer Proves That Season 3 Will Be Darker And Weirder Than Ever
The CW

With only six weeks until the return of Riverdale, fans are thirsting for answers. Unfortunately, the newest Riverdale Season 3 teaser trailer has arrived, and nothing has been cleared up. The official Twitter account for The CW series posted the trailer on Wednesday, August 29, and it's, well, thorough. In just 30 seconds, it packs in everything. In Season 1, Dark Betty was the weirdest thing about the series. In Season 2, jingle jangle entered the scene, a mafia subplot took over, and The Black Hood was on the loose. If you expected Riverdale to chill out in its third season, you're going to be disappointed, but if you like your teen dramas sexy, threatening, and fiery, you'll certainly be stoked.

A few things to look out for in the Riverdale Season 3 trailer: Two new Southside Serpent tattoos (including one that fans didn't know existed), the return of Riverdale High's most dangerous cheer squad, and more than a few spooky moments that'll make you wonder how this show is on primetime TV.

Check out the teaser trailer below.

Did you catch that? There's a Serpent tattoo on student body president Archie Andrews! Not to mention one on Alice Cooper's thigh... and who is she tangled up in bed with? It's a tall, scruffy white guy who could be F.P. Jones, but that would be pretty weird. After all, Betty and Jughead are still fully on. Since Alice knows her husband Hal is, uh, a psycho killer, has she run back to F.P.? The scruffy dude (and hear me out on this one) could also be Fred Andrews. It's less likely, sure, but we've learned to expect the unexpected. Fred dating Alice would also throw a wrench into a blooming Betty/Archie romance. Sure, Kevin has sworn Betty and Archie are endgame (or destined to be together at the end), but Veronica also thinks Archie is her endgame. They can't both be true — Riverdale might not abide by the laws of our universe, but it does follow the comics (to a degree). Archie can't end up with Betty and Veronica! Archie's dad sleeping with Betty's mom would probably ensure he stayed with Ronnie for a while... whatever "a while" is to these crazy kids.

New 'Riverdale' Teaser Trailer Proves Season 3 Will Be Darker And Weirder Than Ever

Now let's get into Polly's cult. As viewers know, another dark Archie Comics series is set to debut this year. The series, which takes place in the universe of Afterlife with Archie, stars Mad Men actress, Kiernan Shipka. It's called The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and will be a thrilling take on the classic Sabrina the Teenage Witch series. In other words, kid-friendly Melissa Joan Hart vehicle it is not. The series will hit Netflix right before Halloween on October 27, and it might overlap with Riverdale right out of the gate. Fans expected that to happen eventually, but based on the creepy hints in this trailer — the fire and the Carcoa-esque demon presence — it looks like the witchy women of Greendale may venture to the Riverdale side of the neighborhood sooner than later.

New 'Riverdale' Teaser Trailer Proves Season 3 Will Be Darker And Weirder Than Ever

The cheerleaders may be back and the kids still have to go to school, but it's obvious gangs, police violence, murder mysteries, and a little more family drama are all yet to come.

Riverdale Season 3 premieres October 10, and the first two seasons are available to stream on Netflix now. Pro tip: They're best accompanied by a Pop's burger and milkshake, though you might want to put your snacks down for some of the more gruesome scenes.