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'Gotham' Recap: Gotham's Most Wanted for 'The Balloonman'

'Gotham' Recap: Gotham's Most Wanted for 'The Balloonman'

Welcome to episode three, Gotham-ites. Jim Gordon and Bullock are still doing the “I want to solve cases for real, the right way/just let it go” dance, Bruce Wayne is still troubled by his parents’ murders and the goings-on in Gotham, and there’s a whole new vigilante in town — and he uses a rather, um, interesting method of stringing criminals up. So let’s take a look at Gotham’s Most Wanted list for ‘The Balloonman,’ shall we?

Who: The Balloonman
Known for: Bombarding bad dudes on the street (a Ponzi schemer, a brutally corrupt cop, and a perverted priest), handcuffing them to a weather balloon, and sending them off into the stratosphere. Vigilante justice, Balloon Boy style.
Last Seen: Once Jim figures out who Balloonman is, courtesy of the piece of paper he’d signed when Balloonman aka Child Services Employee Lombard dropped off Selina Kyle earlier in the episode, he and Bullock confront Balloonman and almost let him be carried off by one of his own balloons. He’s floating up, up, and away...until Jim grabs onto his legs, forcing Bullock to shoot the balloon down and to arrest Lombard instead of just letting him die. Bye, bye, Balloonman.

'Gotham' Recap: Gotham's Most Wanted for 'The Balloonman'Who: Fish Mooney
Known for: Ruthlessly taking care of the Theatre District for Don Falcone while plotting to overthrow him. Giving tidbits of information to the cops — when it suits her.
Last Seen: Sending Montoya and Allen of the Major Crimes Unit hot on the trail of Jim Gordon and Falcone when they show up asking questions about Cobblepot’s presumed death. Arranging “an accident” for Falcone’s new girlfriend and her own loverboy, Lazlo, who’s “gone soft” since being roughed up by Falcone’s thugs.

Who: Don (Carmine) Falcone
Known for: Running the city of Gotham via the mob.
Last Seen: Questioning Fish about Don Maroni’s possible involvement in his girlfriend’s “accident,” and letting her know that whomever was responsible will pay the price and it won’t be pretty. Thinly veiled threats are Falcone’s specialty.

'Gotham' Recap: Gotham's Most Wanted for 'The Balloonman'Who: Oswald Cobblepot
Known for: Walking like a penguin (but don’t let him hear you say that), rage issues, predicting a war coming in Gotham with a fervor that shakes him to his core.
Last Seen: Killing innocents and not-so innocents to wrangle a job at a restaurant, chatting up Don Maroni about how much they both love their mothers, and showing up at Jim’s door — in a full penguin suit.

Selina “Cat” Kyle
Known for: Stealing pens, climbing scaffolding, seeing clearly in the dark, and escaping the clutches of Gotham’s one moral detective.
'Gotham' Recap: Gotham's Most Wanted for 'The Balloonman'Last Seen: Telling Jim about the man who shot the Waynes...but escaping the handcuffs he put her in before giving him a physical description. Selina Kyle’s back on the streets of Gotham, y’all!

Who: Don Maroni
Known for: Mafiosing — and plotting against Falcone, who he says is only the boss because people believe he’s the boss a la "The Emperor Has No Clothes."
Last Seen: Waxing on about “the Arkham thing,” which will supposedly take Falcone down and is sure to be a wild ride o’ fun for Gotham. Maroni also inspires Cobblepot (to presumably wreak havoc) with a little speech about Gotham being “the city of opportunity.”

And in other news, Montoya and Allen are sniffing around Jim more than ever now, which led to the reveal that the past relationship between Montoya and Barbara soon-to-be-Gordon definitely involved drugging, lying, and a lot of love and lust. Bruce and Alfred’s pseudo father/son bond got stronger this week, as they fenced in between Bruce worrying over the Balloonman’s vigilante tactics and looking for clues in his own parents’ murder. And Jim Gordon is starting to crack, as he confessed (sort of) to Barb: the city is sick and corrupt and the people can’t trust the law — and they're starting to get angry about it. But, as little Bruce Wayne asks in the preview for next week’s episode, the question remains: can Gotham be saved?

Leave your thoughts in the comments and make sure to tune in to next week's Gotham to see if Jim Gordon has an answer to that very important question!
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