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'Supernatural' Premiere Recap: Long Live the Deanmon!

'Supernatural' Premiere Recap: Long Live the Deanmon!

Demon Dean may be evil and violent and prone to bad karaoke, but he is also kind of amazing. From bad karaoke to foosball to leaving Sam to die, this new version of Dean is nothing but fascinating. Sure, he's evil -- but this is one of the most fun versions of Dean Winchester that Supernatural has portrayed in ages.

Days and Nights of the Demon
At some point during the nine years that Supernatural has been on the air, many fans have surely wondered what demons do with their time. It can't be all killing and Lucifer-summoning and Winchester-chasing, right?

If Dean and Crowley are representative in "Black," then the answer is a little boring. There is sex with insecure waitresses (always a Dean special). Foosball matches seem to feature prominently. A little porn, a little karaoke and a lot of random violence add into the mix. It's basically Dean's ideal life when not actively fighting demons.

Crowley, of course, wants more. He seems to think that Dean is the key to creating a perfect Hell. Is Dean up for that? Strangely, it's kind of hard to tell what Dean really wants, other than to feed the violence-loving Mark of Cain. This brand-new demon just seems to be marking time otherwise.

No Love for Moose
Where is Sam while all of this singing and fighting and fornicating is going on? As is his standard, Sam is on a mission to find a missing brother -- despite a note reading "Sammy let me go" left in Dean's place. Sam doesn't let much of anything go. Ever. You'd think Dean would know this by now.

Unfortunately for the younger Winchester, there isn't much to go on when it comes to locating Dean. Torturing demons brings no information. Tips from other hunters are useless. Even calling on Castiel nets nothing in return. It's like Dean has vanished from the Earth completely (almost true, seeing as he is hanging out in North Dakota).

The very first tip comes when Sam tracks Drew Neeley, a dead man believed to be possessed by a demon. This fellow is actually one of Abbaddon's faithful followers, most of whom are hell-bent on killing Dean. Sam, however, doesn't know this and is therefore shocked to see Drew killed on-camera at a convenience store by none other than Dean.

Sam is also a little surprised at Dean's flash of black eyes to the camera.

After an otherwise unhelpful (but rather entertaining) cashier hands over Drew's phone, Sam manages to contact Crowley and gets the basic story of Dean's demonizing. Sam also manages to track Crowley's location and sets out in search of the Deanmon.

Who Uses Fax Machines These Days Anyway?
It's not just Sam that's after Dean though. An iron-pumping, fax machine-having hunter type named Cole is looking for the guy as well. There's some vague sort of score to settle, and Cole has the bright idea of using Sam as bait to get to Dean.

In the beginning, this goes well for Cole. Sam has a broken arm and a rotten car, both of which work in Cole's favor as he drags Sam off to a dark shed for some ransoming. All that remains is a call to Dean, and Cole can win.

Turns out that threats and ransom demands aren't quite so effective when dealing with a demon. Although Dean makes it clear that he will show up to someday kill Cole if Sam dies, the older brother has no interest in walking into a trap.

Sam is on his own. So much for the Winchester bromance!

Angels Don't Do Smores
Remember those pesky angels? They're still around and still making trouble. For Season 10, the main source of trouble seems to be getting all of the angels rounded up and back into Heaven. Some of them don't want to go, you see, and such insubordination really, really bugs the angelic types.

Castiel would be cool leaving them behind -- he's busy dying of either a cold or a lack of grace these days -- but an old friend named Hannah recruits the longtime Earth denizen to help corral some particularly pesky angels back up to Heaven.

The angels don't want to go. They just want to fish and sit around campfires and channel Thoreau in their philosophizing about nature. Such idyllic times should be followed by smores and sing-alongs. But these are angels, so the night ends with bloodshed and violence and a hint of a schism to come among the heavenly host.

As always, the demons are having more fun than the angels.

What did you think of the Supernatural season premiere? Hit the comments below with your thoughts (and your love for Deanmon).
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