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Poll: Will Red Save Naomi in 'The Blacklist?'

Poll: Will Red Save Naomi in 'The Blacklist?'
NBCNBC's dramatic season premiere of The Blacklist ended without Red having the upper hand. Instead, he held Naomi's severed finger. Creepy, to say the least. 

Berlin has vowed to send Naomi back to Red piece by piece, which he appears to be documenting through Polaroids. Despite Red and Dembe's ability to find Naomi's most recent location, we're uncertain about whether or not they'll be able to intervene and save the former Mrs. Reddington from becoming chopped liver. Literally. Will Berlin actually go through with the butchering, or will Red figure out a way to thwart the evil plan? 
Sound off below in our poll! 
Poll: Will Red actually be able to save Naomi in 'The Blacklist?'
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  • No way. She's done.
  • Duh. Red always saves the day.
  • Sure, but don't expect her to come back with all of her limbs.
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