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'Once Upon a Time' Recap: 'Enter the Dragon'

&squot;Once Upon a Time&squot; Recap: "Enter the Dragon"
Maleficent is back and ready to bring the heat! Tonight’s episode explored her past with Regina, including the infamous sleeping curse over Princess Aurora. In Storybrooke, Regina must prove herself worthy of joining the Queens of Darkness and their little “Bad Girl’s Club.” What exactly are the qualifications of a true Queen of Darkness?

Don’t Be A Hero

Seems easy enough, right? Maleficent, Cruella and Ursula pick up their pledge Regina for a little light hazing before she can be trusted into their circle. After a few shots, the ladies take a joyride in Cruella’s car, stopping on the train tracks. Regina must play Cruella’s favorite game, “Don’t Be A Hero.” As the train rapidly comes barreling down, the first woman to save them, loses. Yup, they’re definitely nuts! Right before the train is about to crash, Regina uses her magic to save them. As Maleficent acknowledges, she is still a little rusty.

The ladies later have even more fun when they spend the rest of their evening drinking in Regina’s lair and getting their kicks setting a cop car on fire! Whatever happened to a good ‘ol Happy Hour?

Revenge Isn’t Just For Emily Thorne

In a flashback to the Enchanted Forest, Regina is sick and tired of seeing the innocent and perfect Snow White live out a wonderful and happy life, full of equestrian blue ribbons. She wants instant gratification and wants to take her magical revenge now. But alas, dearie, her training with Rumple will require time and patience. Regina seeks a new teacher in the legendarily evil Maleficent.

When Regina finds Maleficent in her castle, she is not the same, fire-breathing woman she used to be. Maleficent is hopped up on watered-down sleeping curse, hasn’t seen a hairbrush in ages and has lost her dragon mojo. Basically, she is a hot mess. Her failure to ruin King Stefan and Briar Rose’s happiness has left her weak and hopeless.

When Regina hears that Princess Aurora is set to be married, she encourages Maleficent to once again be the magical badass she once was and take her revenge on the Princess. They both visit the magical fire burning tree near Maleficent castle, where she inhales the fire and once again finds her inner dragon. Bath salts are soooo 2010.

King Stefan and his men intervene and capture the ladies..but not for long. Regina uses her beginner’s magic skills and creates one fireball, which takes down a guard. Inspired by Regina’s bravery and guts, Maleficent finally transforms into a dragon, scaring off the King.

With revenge in their sights, the ladies head for the royal kingdom, where Aurora is getting ready for her big day. But as we all know, Maleficent has other plans - she pricks the bride-to-be's  finger with the powerful sleeping curse. Maleficent thanks Regina for all her help and for helping her get her groove back.

Regina returns to Rumple, ready to take on whatever lessons he had planned, and willing to devote as much time as it takes to get her revenge on Snow White. Taking a tip from her new friend, Regina puts Snow’s horse under a 100-year long sleeping curse. Sweet dreams!

Must Be Two-Faced

Although not technically a Queen of Darkness, Rumple is their evil ringleader. He’s like the Charlie in Charlie’s Angels, but dark and creepy. His latest trick was pretty easy for viewers to catch on to.

“Hook” barges in on Belle’s date with her dreamy new love interest, Will. He fills her in on the plans of the Queens and suggests that the Dark One’s dagger be hidden away from their grasp.

Belle is hesitant to give “Hook” the dagger. She can’t seem to shake the feeling that somehow, Rumple has made it back into Storybrooke. “Hook” suggests that she use the dagger and command that if Rumple is, in fact, in town, that he must face her. When she exclaims the command, Rumple does not appear. However, “Hook” turns and faces her. Belle leaves “Hook” aka a disguised Rumple with the dagger.

After pretending to hide away the dagger, “Hook” visits Belle once more. He asks that for their protection, they must vow never to disclose the whereabouts of the dagger. Using a “pirate’s promise,” “Hook” cops a feel. He also asks Belle about her relationship with Will. Someone’s super jelly!

Hide Yo Kids!

In order to officially prove her loyalties, the Queens of Darkness have one final task for Regina – she must kidnap Pinocchio. Clearly, Regina does not want to follow through with this task, however, she must remain undercover in hopes of finding out what the Queens are really up to in Storybrooke. Maleficent and Regina take Cruella’s enchanted car to Geppetto’s house, where he and his son are innocently making a wooden rocking horse. Regina places them both under a spell and takes the young, ginger child.

Emma, who had been following Regina’s moves as backup, urges her to ditch the undercover mission and take Pinocchio somewhere safe. But Regina insists that she got dis, girl - back off!

Arriving at Rumple’s cabin, the Queens reveal that Rumple is, in fact, back in town. Rumple, with the Dark One’s dagger back in his possession, wants answers about the mysterious Author. He knows that young Pinocchio will be no help, however, his former man-self August will be. Using the dagger’s powerful magic, Rumple transforms Pinocchio back into the hunky August – so he can torture him into talking. War has officially begun!

So what’s next for the Queens of Darkness? Will Regina be able to stay undercover, or will she succumb to the dark side? Where is the Author? And where the heck is Maleficent child?

Let us know what you thought of tonight’s episode and what’s next for OUAT in the comments section!














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