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Surf or Stay? CBS's 'Madam Secretary'

Surf or Stay? CBS's 'Madam Secretary'
CBSIt's Téa time!

Slated as The Good Wife's companion series, CBS's Madam Secretary premiered tonight during the network's coveted Sunday evening time slot. Like all new shows, opinions on social media have varied, but we're curious to get your take on the everything from the acting to the plot. Was the show convincing and realistic? Did Ms. Leoni strike a good balance between mom and important political figure? We definitely thought it was a bit slow from the get go, but there is no denying that the cast is jam-packed with some amazing talent. That being said, is it worth tuning in next week? Or should we stick to our DVRed reruns of Full House on Nick at Nite?

Take our poll and sound off in the comment section below!
Poll: CBS's 'Madam Secretary': Surf or Stay?
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  • Surf! I didn't enjoy it. On to the next one.
  • Stay! I enjoyed it and will tune in next week.
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