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Surf or Stay? CW's 'The Flash'

Surf or Stay? CW's 'The Flash'
CW It's a bird. It's a plane. It's another superhero show premiering on the small screen. But did it live up to its competition?

CW's The Flash got off to a fast start tonight with Grant Gustin's debut as superhero Barry Allen. While comic book fans are sure to give the show a more critical eye, we're definitely early fans. In fact, it was one of our top 5 new show recommendations for fall TV.  

Gustin gives off an immediate Peter Parker vibe as the innocent, nerdy guy who randomly finds himself with superhuman powers. This makes him easily likable, relatable, and someone you can get behind from the start.

But what did you think? Is this a series for you? Or is your DVR already full of badass crime fighters? Be sure to sound off in our poll and hit up the comments!

Poll: Surf or Stay? CW's 'The Flash'
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  • Surf! I didn't enjoy it. On to the next one.
  • Stay! I enjoyed it and will tune in next week.

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