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Surf or Stay? ABC's 'Selfie'

Surf or Stay? ABC's 'Selfie'
ABCLOL, OMG, or maybe even WTF. These are just some of the reactions you may have had while watching Eliza Dooley on ABC's series premiere of Selfie. Whatever the show incited, we want to see it!

We're asking you to channel your inner Instacelebrity and do the following: 

1. Take out your phone. 
2. Take a selfie that sums up your reaction to ABC's Selfie
3. Upload it to the comment section.

It's that simple! Your contribution may be selected for a future article about the show. And for those who may be camera shy, feel free to just take our poll below and rant or rave in the comment section. 
Poll: Surf or Stay? ABC's 'Selfie'
Click to vote:
  • Surf! I didn't enjoy it. On to the next one.
  • Stay! I enjoyed it and will tune in next week.
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