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Surf or Stay? FOX's 'Red Band Society'

Surf or Stay? FOX's 'Red Band Society'
FOX's Glee replacement newest high school drama series, Red Band Society, kicked off tonight and the social media reactions have been varied (Unlike Kara's irritatingly one-dimensional personality. Does this girl ever turn off the bitch switch?). While some are lauding the show's attempt to tackle real-life issues, others are criticizing its lackluster script (did I really just hear the word "awesomesauce?") and desperate attempt to target a younger audience. 

So what were your final thoughts? Was the show's hospital setting depressing? Did you like Charlie's inspirational voiceovers, or were they a bit gimmicky and contrived? 

Take our poll and sound off in the comment section below!

Poll: FOX's 'Red Band Society': Surf or Stay?
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  • Surf! I didn't enjoy it. On to the next one.
  • Stay! I enjoyed it and will tune in next week.
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