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'Once Upon a Time' Premiere Recap: 'A Tale Of Two Sisters'

'Once Upon a Time' Premiere Recap: 'A Tale Of Two Sisters'

In the words of Grumpy: “That party went south fast.” 

As the new season of Once Upon A Time begins, the inhabitants of Storybrooke are once again faced with new challenges. During last season's finale, we saw Emma saving her parents and correcting their inevitable path towards true love. She also found time for some romance of her own, finally having a jolly good make-out sesh with the handsome Captain Hook. Emma also brought back a stranger, whom she saved from the Evil Queen. However, no good deed goes unpunished, as we quickly discovered that the stranger was none other than Robin Hood’s thought-deceased wife and mother of his child, Marian. Storybrooke was also visited by a highly anticipated character, Elsa from Frozen. Here’s what happened with our beloved OUAT characters this week: 

Elsa Hasn’t Quite “Let It Go”
As we left off in Season 3, Elsa from Disney’s smash hit, Frozen, arrived via portal to Storybrooke! Tonight’s season premiere finally showed viewers what she is up to. Although Elsa is now Queen of Arendelle, she still has work to do on controlling her powers and accepting her abilities. Nonetheless, Elsa truly loves her sister Anna and has a few surprises for her before her upcoming wedding to Kristoff. Elsa gifts her sister a snowflake necklace and their mother’s wedding dress.  Sadly, the joyous moment turns chilly when Elsa finds their mother’s diary, and in it, that their parents’ fateful trip was not as it may seem. Elsa blames herself and her powers for her parents death, while Anna attempts to console her and look for answers.

Anna, played wonderfully by actress Elizabeth Lail, seeks insight from her “future in-laws,” aka The Trolls. Anna takes Elsa to speak with the Grandfather Troll (aka a British Danny Devito), who shares that the girls' parents were traveling to a mysterious place called Misthaven.

Against Elsa’s wishes, Anna sneaks away to travel to Misthaven herself, with the help of fiancé Kristoff.  Surprise! From the stable to the covers of Norwegian GQ – he cut his hair!  Though Elsa is worried for her sister to be alone on her quest, Kristoff reminds her that Anna does not give up on the people she loves, and she always succeeds.  Oh, and we also find out that Misthaven is better known as The Enchanted Forest!

As we see in Present Day, Elsa is in Storyrbooke, clearly looking for something.  As she is faced with members of Storybrooke, afraid of her powers, she releases a snow monster to ward off any followers. As the monster wreaks havoc on the town, Elsa finds what she is looking for within Mr. Gold’s shop – Anna’s snowflake necklace.  But where is Anna?

Once Upon A Time: "A Tale Of Two Sisters" Season 4 Premiere Recap
Wanna Watch Some Netflix, Captain Hook?
As Season 4 begins, so does a new relationship – Emma and Killian, aka Captain Hook.  But with all the commotion, how will they have time to figure out what their relationship exactly is?

Hook is frustrated that Emma is avoiding him. Between vanquishing snow monsters, making sure the Evil Queen doesn’t have it out for her, and maintaining that gorgeous blonde hair, she’s got a lot on her plate. 

The duo teams up to track down whatever icy trouble is afoot in Storybrooke and attempt to stop the snow monster. Hook encourages Emma to use her magic powers, which, although powerful, only pisses off the monster more.

Later, Hook explains to Emma that there will always be something going on, but they should make time to hang out. Emma’s thought is to enjoy some Netflix with her new dude, and asks him to be patient with her. We suggest they hit up a mall and get Hook some normal clothes.  If everyone else in town has been to The Gap, then perhaps he should get on board.

Tale As Old As Time..Sort Of
Nothing says romance like a trip to the graveyard!  As the newlyweds embark on wedded bliss, Rumplestilkin and Belle make a stop to visit Neal/Baelfire’s grave. Rumple admits that in the past, becoming obsessed with power made him evil and ruined his relationship with his son. He knows he has already deceived Belle by switching the dagger — he wants to avenge his son and truly become a good man. 

Belle finds an abandoned mansion and has the great idea to “borrow” it for their honeymoon.  Graveyards and breaking and entering. Score!

This premiere is filled with Disney and a most memorable moment is the recreation of Beauty & the Beast’s famous dance. Rumple uses his magic to create the enchanting scene, including the golden ball gown, blue coat, and the music playing the characters' theme song. Awwww.

As Rumple, again, switches the daggers, this time giving Belle the true power over him, he stumbles upon a mysterious artifact within the home. With a little magic, the artifact turns into an iconic Disney prop – the sorcerer’s hat from Fantasia!  Hope we see some dancing brooms and mops in Storybrooke soon.

Once Upon A Time: "A Tale Of Two Sisters" Season 4 Premiere Recap
Villains Deserve Happy Endings Too
Emma’s decision to save a stranger, which in fact ended up being Robin Hood’s wife, Marian, quickly put a halt in Regina’s plans for a happy life. Now heartbroken and pretty pissed off, Regina must attempt to maintain the good life that she has worked so hard to achieve, and leave her old life and feelings as the Evil Queen behind. As Marian calls her a “monster,” and Robin admits that he must abide by his martial vows, Regina calls upon an old friend to her aid – the Magic Mirror aka Sidney aka Gus Fring. Using his powers, Regina sees the moment when she sentenced Marian, whom she calls “awfully vanilla,” to death.  Regina is now inspired by her old ways get rid of anything that stands in her way of happiness.

As the snow monster is about to kill Marian (really Marian, you’re gonna try to kill it with a bow and arrow?), Regina steps in and vanquishes the monster, saving her ex-lover’s wife. But does this mean that Regina is still good?

Regina shares her plans with the Magic Mirror, stating that even villains serve their happy endings. She will now seek out the author of Henry’s magic book, in hopes of fairytale history being re-written.

What can we expect from next week? Emma freezing the town of Storybrooke?  Will Mickey Mouse make an appearance out of the Sorcerer’s Hat?  Will we see more of Snow White, Prince Charming, and their new baby next episode? Will we find out what movie Emma and Hook watched on Netflix?

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