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Surf or Stay? NBC's 'Blindspot,' FOX's 'Minority Report,' and CBS's 'Life in Pieces'

Did these new shows live up to their hype? Do you have a new Monday favorite? Sound off here!

Surf or Stay? NBC's 'Blindspot,' FOX's 'Minority Report,' and CBS's 'Life in Pieces'

Happy Premiere Week!

We're only still beginning to process that Pumpkin Spice Lattes now have actual pumpkin, so it comes as another major shock that fall's most buzzed about new shows are finally debuting! 

Three major series premiered tonight and we're hoping to get your thoughts on whether or not they'll stay afloat among a sea of other new shows. 

NBC's Blindspot requires a commitment to unraveling mystery, while FOX's Minority Report aims to win over fans of Spielberg's silver screen original. We're fans of the former and think Jaimie Alexander commands the screen, but FOX's TV adaptation seems a bit unoriginal and uninspired. The characters are surely interesting and appealingly rebellious, but it will probably take a few more episodes to become completely immersed in the plot and no longer miss the presence of a sexy Tom Cruise.

As far as CBS's Life in Pieces goes, we're huge fans of its unique storytelling format and think it has a ton of potential. Could it be the next Modern Family, or has that ship sailed? Dianne Wiest will be a scene stealer and we're excited to see more of her character.  

Take our polls below and hit up the comment section with your initial thoughts!