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'Once Upon a Time' Recap: 'White Out'


This week's episode of Once Upon a Time dealt with the issue of "putting up walls," both physically and emotionally.  Not to mention, a bitchin' haircut, and a bad-ass Bo Peep. Read on for our full recap!

Storybrooke Gets Iced Out

Picking up where last week's season premiere episode left off, the story continues for our favorite Frozen sisters. Upon finding Anna's necklace in Rumple's pawn shop, Elsa immediately creates a massive ice wall, trapping the town of Storybrooke until her sister is found.

Does anyone else think Elsa is a tad intense? I mean, we get that she's frantic and upset upon the disappearance of her sister, but she's kind of a trip, right? Someone needs to take a chill pill. Pun intended.

Pre-Charming, Pre-Haircut

Flashing back to an earlier time in the Enchanted Forrest, Anna meets pre-Charming David.  Who at this time was just a lowly shepherd with a bad weave. Anna was sent to David by her fiancé Kristoff (who we hope to see more of this season!), who is coincidentally a friend of David's. Wonder how they met. 4-H Club? Supercuts?

While Anna, who goes by the name of Joan (we know who her favorite Mad Men character is), plans to stay in David's barn while making her way on her secret adventure, the farm is visited by the not-so-sweet (or little) Bo Peep. Much different than the nursery rhymes you heard as a child, this Bo Peep is a hustler!  After she uses her magic shepherd's hook/pimp cane to magically brand David and his mother, she threatens that if she does not receive payment from David, she will take his flock and farm.  

Anna encourages David to stand up to Bo Peep, and helps to train him in sword fighting.  Much like Elsa, Anna believes that David shouldn't runaway and hide from his problems, but be brave and face them.
Perhaps Anna made a pit-stop on the Dagobah system on her way to the Enchanted Forrest, because she drops some serious Yoda-esque knowledge!

When Bo Peep kidnaps Anna, David uses his newfound courage and combat skills to defeat the lady-warlord, and her band of thugs. We now see a glimpse of the Prince Charming he is about to become.

As Anna leave the farm, heading forward on her quest to find answers about her parents, David's mother refers her to a dangerous and powerful wizard, who is well-versed in all types of magic: Rumpelstiltskin. That sneaky son-of-a-gun!

Elsa And Emma: We're Cool

Back in Storybrooke, when Elsa traps herself and Emma in the ice wall, she demands that Anna be brought to her — before her powers put the entire town under ice. David finds Bo Peep, who is now the local butcher.  Lamb chops, anyone? He takes her staff in order to help locate Anna, but time is running out.

As Emma is slowly freezing, she ends up discovering that both women have many things in common, especially when it comes to not being able to fully control their powers. With Emma's encouragement, Elsa creates an exit within the wall and saves Emma.

At the end of the episode, we find out that Elsa isn't the only one in town with icy powers. What do you think about the Snow Queen? Will we see a snow duel in the upcoming episodes? And will we hopefully see more of Snow White soon? That little glimpse of her in this week's episode was not enough!  Did anyone else get a flashback to Jurassic Park? The voice of Jeff Goldblum must have been in Snow's head, telling her to follow the fuel lines above. Most importantly, where the heck is Anna?

Share your thoughts about this week's episode, and what you want to see in the upcoming episodes in the comments below!
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