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'Homeland' Recap: 9 Things We Learned from Premiere Night

'Homeland' Recap: 10 Things We Learned from Premiere Night
Showtime1. Carrie's baby is the cutest. 
The adorable redhead is a Brody mini-me. For that reason alone, it's shocking that Carrie treats her like a Thanksgiving ham upon her return from Islamabad. Which leads us to...

2. Carrie is a horrible mother. 
Legitimately the worst. After ditching a safer assignment in Istanbul and dumping her newborn on her sister's doorstep like a pill-popping stork, Carrie's only ties to motherhood are through scheduled Skype conversations. How...endearing. Look, we're certainly not against a woman who wants to simultaneously tackle a high stress job and raising a child, but at least show a little compassion or even the smallest desire to assume responsibility. After nearly drowning little Franny in the tub (on purpose, mind you), it's apparent that her lack of empathy stems from a much larger personal issue like postpartum depression. Sigh. We were really excited to see Carrie as a mother, but she has managed to bury any sort of maternal instinct for the sake of concentrating on her demanding career. Pakistan > Pampers.

3. Carrie is becoming permanently desensitized to everything around her.
She's not fun enough to have "Happy Birthday" sung to her. Really? Did we just suffer through "For She's a Jolly Good Fellow?" Yes, we are aware that this was probably the producers' decision to avoid royalties for copyright infringement, but it pretty much captured the awkwardness of dealing with a woman who has allowed the emotional numbness of her job to trickle into everyday life. This was the exact opposite of Brody-obsessed Carrie, whose heart distracted her from making rational decisions. Now, she's symbolically exchanged the adrenaline-fueled blood of her heart (which is surely still broken in a million pieces) with the blood of an innocent bystander. (Quinn shot a local in the head as they were trying to save Sandy from the street riot.) The sad thing is, Carrie has become immune to respecting the sanctity of human life. While Quinn demands a moment to regroup after murdering a man, our favorite wine-guzzling agent doesn't even realize she has blood caked to her face until she rushes to meet with the U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan, Martha Boyd. In yet another symbolic gesture, she is seen literally washing the blood from her hands in the bathroom. 
4. Saul is still a badass. 
It's still infuriating when one of the smartest guys on television isn't calling the shots. That being said, it looks like this won't be the case for long. Aside from valiantly speaking off topic about policy in Afghanistan during a meeting as a new private contractor, Saul delivered one of the most powerful lines of the night: "This hasn't been a 14 year war we've been waging, but a one year war, waged 14 times." It was one of those moments that made us take a step back and question just how much this series sheds light on real-life American politics and military strategy. It's a scary world out there, folks. Sometimes this script = our reality. 

5. Quinn is our new hero. 
Despite the fact that he is coping with the pressures of his job through cheap vodka and questionable living conditions (that couch was gross), we certainly didn't mind the moment when he beat the crap out of the two men who were vocally fat shaming his new hotel manager hookup friend at the diner. 

6. Social media changes everything. 
YouTube has the ability to change everything. It just takes one click. Aayan, like Jennifer Lawrence, is learning the hard way. It's a flagrant violation of privacy, but it happens more often than not.

7. Aayan has now become the most interesting character.
His instinct is to avoid drama, but he has now found himself in the center of it. Aayan's storyline is certainly the most interesting as we are forced to predict whether or not he's going to fight violence with violence or take a more observant stance. That being said, what is his relationship with the men who barged into his dorm room and threatened him not to communicate with the press? And what the hell do those vials contain? We were initially convinced that he was a diabetic, but now that he is relying on Fara to store something "very important," it has us questioning whether or not he has been an innocent university student all along. As the nephew of a wanted terrorist, we're thinking NOPE, definitely not. But we're not rushing to judge. He could be a product of circumstance and is simply going through the necessary motions to survive. 

8. Corey Stoll needs to quit television for a while.
Will he ever play someone who doesn't get killed off? It's getting a little too predictable. He certainly has an acting career that's on fire, but it's time for a change of pace. Can someone get this guy a starring role in a Disney Broadway musical?

9. We no longer have dramatic conclusions. 
Carrie is headed back to work. SHOCKING! Sure, we have a ton of unanswered questions and we're certainly curious to see how these play out as the season progresses, but we're longing for the OMG moments that had us rushing to update our Facebook statuses during seasons 1 and 2. Time to blow up a building. And not at the beginning of an episode.
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