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Surf or Stay? FOX's 'Scream Queens,' ABC's 'The Muppets,' and CBS's 'Limitless'

It's day two of fall TV premiere week. Which Tuesday night show came out on top?

Surf or Stay? FOX's 'Scream Queens,' ABC's 'The Muppets,' and CBS's 'Limitless'

Is Tuesday the new Thursday? Based on television's awesome primetime line-up, we're starting to think so! 

FOX's highly-anticipated Scream Queens kicked off tonight and we...are...hooked. While it is certainly a departure from Ryan Murphy's Glee (thankfully) and American Horror Story, the spoof horror series stands on its own with clever jokes, an all-star cast, and the promise that somebody will be killed off each week (we love a good mystery!). Also, is there really anything better than seeing Lea Michele in a neck brace for two hours? 

ABC's The Muppets is the long overdue re-boot of a timeless franchise. While the mature and modernized nature of their jokes and personalities can be a bit jarring at first, there is no doubt that Kermit, Piggy, and pals are still the lovable, hilarious characters we've adored since childhood. Let's just hope that Kermit comes to his senses and ditches Denise sooner rather than later. 

CBS's Limitless lived up to its name with the inclusion of Bradley Cooper (swoon). That man can literally do anything he wants and turn every project into a hit. We're a bit concerned over his lack of future screen time (he has only been announced as a "recurring" character), but we do think that Jake McDorman can carry the show if it avoids a crime-of-the-week format. There are so many unanswered questions after the first episode, so we really hope it doesn't adopt a CSI-esque procedural nature that will undoubtedly eliminate its moments of humor and charm. 

What did you think of these three major show premieres? Take our polls below and be sure to sound off in the comment section! 

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