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Surf or Stay? CBS's 'Stalker'

Surf or Stay? CBS's 'Stalker'
CBSCue the creepy. 

CBS's Stalker introduced us to hell tonight, but did it make a good television show? While we're always down with some Maggie Q, we just can't seem to shake the car incident with Kate (Who we knew NOTHING about, aside from the fact that she was 28). Creator Kevin Williamson has vehemently denied exploiting violence against women, but there is no doubt that the fiery scene required at least a little context to warrant tonight's nightmares. 

That being said, what did you think? Are you a fan of the premiere or was this just a desperate attempt to get eyeballs? Sound off in the poll and comment section!
Poll: Surf or Stay? CBS's 'Stalker'
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  • Surf! I didn't enjoy it. On to the next one.
  • Stay! I enjoyed it and will tune in next week.
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