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'Once Upon a Time' Recap: 'Heart of Gold'

'Once Upon a Time' Recap: 'Heart of Gold'(ABC)This week’s episode of Once Upon a Time centered around Robin Hood, from his thieving past, a visit to Oz, and his present journey with his family to New York City. However, something wicked this way comes and shocking revelations were made!

Robin Hood: Prince of the Tavern
Back in the day in Sherwood Forest, newlywed Robin has ditched his thieving ways and has found a new calling – being a bartender. Although his trusted friend Little John suggests that he get back into the game, Robin is committed to providing a better life for himself and Marian. The cunning sheriff of Nottingham pays the bar a visit, stating that Robin must pay his taxes or else. For a new bar owner, Robin would definitely fail on an episode of Bar Rescue. John Taffer would not only be livid over the overdue taxes, but also the lack of décor and hay and dirt floors would not go over so well.

Later on, Rumple visits Robin with a deal, as per usual. He knows of Robin’s reputation of being a master thief and wants him to travel to Oz and steal the “Elixir of the Wounded Heart.” In return, Robin will be given adequate payment to keep his fine little establishment and his wife. Robin travels to Oz and upon arrival, meets Will Scarlett for the first time. Will agrees to help if Robin steals some elixir for him as well. While Robin makes his way into the emerald castle and begins to pour the elixir into vials, he is caught by the Wicked Witch herself, Zelena. He escapes with only enough elixir to keep his deal with Rumple. Robin lies to Will, saying that he was unable to retrieve any of the elixir. Will then makes the guy feel even worse by saying how honorable he is. He also reveals that the elixir was actually to cure his own heart, which was damaged after the death of his sister. If you were a fan of the short-lived Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, then you know that Will ends up having Cora take his heart from him, becoming the Knave of Hearts. Robin, of course, ends up doing the right thing and gives Will the elixir. Sure hope he held onto it just in case Belle breaks his heart later in the season!

With no elixir for Rumple, there is no deal. And sure enough, the sheriff has come to collect. Alas, even though Robin has moved on from his old thieving ways, he now has found a greater purpose and a better way to use his “talents” – stealing from the rich and giving to the poor. Ooh de lally, ooh de lally, jolly what a day! Along with his Merry Men, Robin takes the sheriff’s tax collection and gives it to the poor townspeople. He tells Marian he will no longer be known as Robin of Loxley, but by his new rap name, Robin Hood, because he’s a “hoodlum.” Other possible choices: Robin Da Rich, Robin Dolla$, or Lil’ Archer.

The Wicked Wives of New York City 
When Robin Hood and his family leave Storybrooke and arrive in New York City, they are initially scared of the new and “loud” environment. Marian’s purse even gets stolen and Robin must steal a carriage horse to chase the thief down. Although, it looks like they made it just fine to Gap for some fresh duds. While they begin to create a home for themselves in Neal’s old apartment, Rumple arrives and is angered to see them in his son’s home, leading to him having a heart attack. We’ve had our suspicions before, but Rumple isn’t the spry, golden-scaled man he once was.

While in the hospital, Rumple once again must ask Robin to steal for him the elixir to heal his darkened heart. Although he is certainly not eager to fulfill this request, Robin feels that he must live by his honorable code and help a dying man. Robin steals the elixir from the “Wizard of Oak” shop in the city. Clever. Rumple takes the elixir but nothing happens. Soon after, Marian appears, claiming to have switched the vials, giving Rumple a good codeine buzz instead of what he truly needs. But why would Marian do this? Well, that’s because Marian is actually the Wicked Witch! Yes, that’s right – Zelena is alive! Did anyone really think she could be killed that easily?

As Zelena nearly kills a weak-hearted Rumple, she reveals her master plan. After Rumple stabbed her last season, her life force found its way into the portal from which Elsa came, and which also sent Emma and Hook into the past. Zelena reveals that she actually killed Marian in her sleep and became her, allowing Emma and Hook to take her back to Storybrooke in disguise. Quite literally, what a trip! Props to Zelena for being so authentically Marian, she sure did fool everyone! Zelena now wants the ultimate revenge over her sister, Regina. She wants Robin to fall in love with her, well, her as Marian. While Zelena is talking to Rumple, who is hooked up to a breathing tube, she seems to be more wicked than ever! She strikes a deal with him – she will save his life by giving him the elixir and in return, he will help her obtain Robin’s love. Rumple agrees, and counsels Robin about trying to find is happy ending again with Marian and leaving Regina and other distractions behind. Robin and the faux-Marian share a passionate kiss, as Zelena watches through the mirror. Suuuuper creepy.

In present day, Rumple has taken Regina prisoner. He has her call Robin, only to hear Zelena on the other end. Rumple now has leverage. He needs Regina’s help in making Emma go dark, and if she doesn’t help, he’ll have Zelena kill Robin. So what’s it gonna be? Regina’s true love or the savior? Things aren’t looking to good for Emma.

So what did YOU think of this week's episode? Is there still hope for Regina and Robin? Or has the Evil Queen returned? Share your thoughts/comments with us!

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