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'Once Upon a Time' Recap: 'Poor Unfortunate Soul'

&squot;Once Upon a Time&squot; Recap: "Poor Unfortunate Soul"
Tonight’s episode gave viewers the back story behind everyone’s favorite sea witch, Ursula, as well as shed some light on her mysterious past with Hook. Meanwhile, Rumple and the Queens of Darkness continue to torture August for answers about the author’s whereabouts.

Mysterious Fathoms Below

As previous episodes suggested, Hook and the tentacled Queen of the Sea indeed have a dark past. During Hook’s villainous days searching for Rumple aboard the Jolly Rodger, he and his crew were almost shipwrecked, distracted by a beautiful voice. As it turns out, Ursula was once a little mermaid too! Under the direction of her father, the great and powerful Poseidon, Ursula was to lead pirate ships into destruction. Ursula loves her voice, a gift given to her by her late mother, and wants to use it for good. She steals a magical bracelet, which allows her to walk on land (see the parallels here?) and becomes a singing bar wench. While at the bar, Hook meets Ursula and thanks her for not sinking him and his crew. He offers to give Ursula free passage aboard his ship to live out her dreams and share her gift with others.

Poseidon quickly discovers Hook’s offer and presents one of his own. He wants Hook to steal Ursula’s voice and, in return, he will give him some magical squid ink, powerful enough to defeat the Dark One. Really? Squid ink? The trident-wielding ruler of the ocean is kind of a jerk. Hook refuses to betray the sweet Ursula by stealing the only thing she loves. However, he has her steal the squid ink from her father.

Just as Hook and Ursula are about to sail away, Poseidon once again spoils their plans. He destroys the ink, pissing Hook off. An enraged Hook steals Ursula’s voice, so that Poseidon can never again sink another ship.

Heartbroken and with nothing left to lose, Ursula uses her father’s trident to transform herself into the sea witch. It's too bad the 'OUAT' writers didn't let us see more of Ursula's young and badass ways. When does she get her two cohorts, Flotsam and Jetsam? This would make for a great spinoff...just saying.

Never Go Up Against A Woman With Eight Hands

While still undercover, Regina uses her magic to send a message to the hero crew. She quickly tells them that Rumple is indeed back in town (did they really think he was gone for good?) and that he and the Queens have kidnapped August in the hopes of gaining information about the author’s location.

Hook volunteers to earn Ursula’s trust by offering her the happy ending that he took from her long ago. In return, he asks that she divulge Rumple’s master plan. Ursula’s voice is aboard the Jolly Rodger, but there’s one small problem – the ship is now miniature-sized and trapped in a bottle. Anyone remember the ship in the bottle from last season? When Elsa’s magic saved Anna and Kristoff? Hook asks for the help of Belle’s new loverboy Will Scarlett, who gives them a bottle of shroom juice from Wonderland, turning back the ship to its normal size. Curiouser and curiouser.

Hook unlocks a safe aboard his ship with his hook, a pretty cool maneuver, and gives Ursula back her voice. But alas, the trade does not work and the sea witch is not pleased. Hell hath no fury like an octopus scorned! Ursula knocks Hook unconscious and throws him overboard. But luckily, the true little mermaid, Ariel, comes to his rescue.

Hook then realizes that the reason Ursula’s beloved voice did not return to its owner is because he was actually not the one who created the enchantment in the first place. He and Ariel use a portal to transport Ursula’s father to Storybrooke, where reunited, he apologizes for his wrongdoings and returns to his daughter her beloved voice. Merrin Dungey was totally lip-syncing though, right?

Now that Ursula has her happy ending, she lives up to the other half of the deal and tells Hook of Rumple’s plans. Just as Hook feared, Rumple plans to fill Emma’s heart with darkness – forever. As long as the Savior is in Storybrooke, villains cannot have happy endings, including Hook.
&squot;Once Upon a Time&squot; Recap: "Poor Unfortunate Soul"(ABC)Rumple: Master of PuppetsPoor Pinocchio just can’t catch a break! After being kidnapped and turned back into his man-self, August is tortured for information on the whereabouts of the author. After several attempts, including the undercover Regina threatening the former puppet with fireballs (and no, not the whiskey kind), Rumple comes up with a more effective form of questioning.

Against August’s will, Rumple gives him a potion which (yet again) turns August into his wooden, puppet form. Although the physical characteristics fade, August’s notable inability to lie is just what Rumple was after. Rumple begins to grill August with questions – literally. With every lie, August’s nose grows and grows, closer to the burning fire within the cabin. Before getting burnt, he admits that the Sorcerer placed the author behind a secret door and its whereabouts are unknown.

Later on, the merry band of heroes comes to the rescue! Once August is safe and sound (and his nose has returned to it’s normal form), Regina explains that she is working undercover. August admits that although he claimed he didn’t know the location of the door, in a way he did. The secret door is in fact in the illustrated page – in Regina’s possession! The author may be closer than they all thought!

So what did you think of tonight's episode? Are you bummed that Ursula is no longer a baddie? Or glad she finally got her happy ending? And what's going to happen to Emma? Is she doomed for darkness?

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