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Where Are They Now: The Cast of 'Friday Night Lights'

Find out what your favorite footballers have been up to in the four years since we left Dillon!

Where Are They Now: The Cast of 'Friday Night Lights'

It's been four years since Friday Night Lights ended. That's long enough for a whole new crop of Panthers or Lions to have come through. While our beloved characters have all had their endings, the actors who played them have gone on to do some pretty cool things. Check out what your favorite footballers, cheerleaders, and residents of Dillon have been up to in the past four years!

Connie Britton a.k.a. Tami Taylor

'Friday Night Lights' Where Are They Now?

Since Dillon, Connie Britton has played another loving mom on the TV show American Horror Story. She also stars in the ABC drama Nashville. For both of these roles, she has received Emmy nominations. Her new movie, a dramedy called Me Earl and the Dying Girl, hit theaters in June. 

Kyle Chandler a.k.a. Eric Taylor

'Friday Night Lights' Where Are They Now?

Since his time as America’s favorite coach, Kyle Chandler has made a name for himself on the big screen. He starred in Argo and Zero Dark Thirty, and had a key role as Agent Patrick Denham in the Oscar-nominated film, The Wolf of Wall Street.

Minka Kelly a.k.a. Lyla Garrity

'Friday Night Lights' Where Are They Now?

Cute, peppy, and young Lyla Garrity is all grown up. While Minka Kelly continued to be a fresh TV face with recurring roles on Parenthood and Almost Human, she has branched out. Minka has begun working with a non-profit retail line fashionABLE, which helps create sustainable businesses in Africa. She also graduated from culinary school in early 2015. 

Taylor Kitsch a.k.a. Tim Riggins

'Friday Night Lights' Where Are They Now?

While Tim Riggins settled down with a plot of land in Dillon, Taylor went on to the big screen. He starred in the Disney movie John Carter and opposite Mark Wahlberg in the movie Lone Survivor. You can currently catch him on the second season of the hit HBO show True Detective.

Adrianne Palicki a.k.a. Tyra Collette

'Friday Night Lights' Where Are They Now?
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When we last saw Tyra she was considering going into politics “like Mrs. T, but bigger.” Adrianne Palicki, however, had different plans. She found big-screen fame as the bad-ass heroine Lady Jaye in 2013's G.I. Joe: Retaliation. She also stars on ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.LD and had a key role in the another big screen production, John Wick.

Zach Gilford a.k.a. Matt Saracen

'Friday Night Lights' Where Are They Now?

While Matt Saracen found his happily ever after with Julie, Zach Gilford found his with his now wife Kiele Sanchez. They wed in 2012. Of course, Jesse Plemons (a.k.a Landry) was there playing his guitar. Zach also went on to star in The Purge: Anarchy and in Taylor Swift's music video for "Ours" (he played an army man). We wonder where he got the inspiration for this role? (*cough cough* Matt’s dad). 

Aimee Teegarden a.k.a. Julie Taylor

'Friday Night Lights' Where Are They Now?

Julie Taylor went on to live in Chicago with Matt, while Aimee went on to start her own fashion and lifestyle blog Haute Hammer. She also has had recurring roles in Star-Crossed and Aim High. Additionally, she is making her way to the big screen again in My Bakery in Brooklyn, which hits theaters later this year.

Scott Porter a.k.a. Jason Street

'Friday Night Lights' Where Are They Now?

Jason Street’s career started to take off at the end of his time on the series and so has Scott Porter’s, too. He's had recurring roles on CBS’ The Good Wife and starred opposite Rachel Bilson in The CW’s Hart of Dixie. He also tied the knot with Kelsey Mayfield in April of 2013.

Gaius Charles a.k.a. Brian “Smash” Williams

'Friday Night Lights' Where Are They Now?

While Smash was last seen playing football at Texas A&M, Gaius Charles studied away at another university, Drew University, where he pursued a degree in theology. He also went on to have a key role in the ABC hit hospital drama, Grey’s Anatomy.

Jesse Plemons a.k.a. Landry Clarke

'Friday Night Lights' Where Are They Now?

While Landry went off to college, Jesse Plemons landed a recurring role in the acclaimed AMC show Breaking Bad as well as a role on the second season of the FX series Fargo. Later this year, fans can catch him in Black Mass alongside
Johnny Depp. Not bad, Landry!

Matt Lauria a.k.a. Luke Cafferty

'Friday Night Lights' Where Are They Now?

Luke Cafferty went off to join the army and Matt Lauria went on to play Afghanistan veteran Ryan York on the NBC show Parenthood. Coincidence? We think not given that Parenthood is produced by Friday Night Lights producer Jason Katims. Matt also went on to star in the DirecTV series Kingdom.

Michael B. Jordan a.k.a. Vince Howard

'Friday Night Lights' Where Are They Now?

While Vince is last seen playing quarterback for the Dillon Panthers, Michael B. Jordan went on to join his Dillon teammate Matt Lauria (Luke Cafferty) on Parenthood. He also starred opposite Zac Efron in the 2014 movie That Awkward Moment. Comic book nerds will soon see him as The Human Torch in the reboot of The Fantastic Four.

Brad Leland a.k.a. Buddy Garrity

'Friday Night Lights' Where Are They Now?

Brad Leland may no longer be playing everyone’s favorite booster, Buddy Garrity, but he did go on to start his own production company, Turnkey Productions II. He also worked on the FX series Justified and the HBO series Veep.

Though our favorite footballers have graduated from Dillon and have gone on to other things, we will always believe in "Texas forever."

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