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How Emma Watson Most Likely Found 'Inspiration' from the Kardashians for 'The Bling Ring'

(Bauer Griffin | Twitter)

Emma Watson does some dirty bad things in her latest film The Bling Ring. She sneaks into people's homes, steals a bunch of really expensive stuff, goes clubbing, pole dances, drinks, and lives the life of a materialistic LA teen.

But just how did Harry Potter's bookish sweetheart go from wizard to bad girl?

"I watched a lot of Keeping up with the Kardashians and The Hills, and I tried to understand the psychology of this kind of girl as much as possible," Watson told reporters at Cannes, "I didn't want her to be just a parody. The accent was hard as it was a particular kind of dialect. I also thought a lot about what her parents must have been like."

Right, but inspiration how? Here, five clips that probably taught Watson a thing or two all about how to be that kind of girl.

Kim becomes Kris' manager for the day. Tell it like it is, people:

Kourney and Kris challenge Kim to a mall day with buying a single thing. She shops anyway:

The three sisters know it's all about the butt implants and media frenzy. Any publicity is good publicity:

Kim freaks out when her expensive diamond rings becomes lost in the ocean:

Khloe and Kourtney teach us the art of aggressively getting what you want:

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