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'The Carrie Diaries' Poll: Keep It or Cancel It?

The Carrie Diaries wrapped up its first season on Monday night with a solid episode that left plenty of threads hanging for a potential Season 2.

Carrie and Sebastian broke up (after he hooked up with Maggie — OMG!), Dorrit lost her V-card, Walt came out and came on to Bennet, and Mouse worked up the nerve to introduce her parents to her non-Chinese boyfriend. That's a whole lot of action for 44 minutes of television!

The Sex and the City prequel closed out the season with 1.1 million viewers, making the finale the most-watched episode in a month. Even with the upward ratings tic, The Carrie Diaries is still very much on the bubble for renewal next season.

So you tell us, do you think Carrie Bradshaw and her teenage pals deserve to come back? Are you crossing your Louboutins the show gets picked up? Cast your vote below!

Poll: Should 'The Carrie Diaries' come back next season?
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  • Keep it!
  • Cancel it.
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