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'Spongebob' Fans Are Sincerely Offended By His Brief Super Bowl Appearance

The number one Super Bowl halftime show criticism seems to be that Spongebob's cameo was too short.

'Spongebob' Fans Are Not Happy With His Brief Super Bowl Appearance

Maroon 5, Big Boi, and Travis Scott may have performed the Super Bowl halftime show this year, but the star of the night was undoubtedly Spongebob Squarepants.

Following the 2018 passing of Spongebob creator Stephen Hillenburg, a change.org petition swept the web calling for artists to perform "Sweet Victory" as tribute. Fans of the iconic Nickelodeon series will recognize the song from the 2001 "Bubble Bowl" episode based on the annual football event.

In response to the petition, Scott kicked off a performance of his hit song, "Sicko Mode," with scenes from the cartoon.

The only problem? The cameo only lasted about 14 seconds before Scott took front and center, and fans were maaad.

We'd like to call out a few in particular...

This viewer whose deep knowledge of Spongebob character dynamics is nothing short of delightful

This loyal, loyal fan

This disappointed former Nickelodeon kid who doesn't mince words

This true Spongebob stan

This aficionado who tells it like it is

And this social media user dispensing Squidward-inspired realness

The official Spongebob account also tweeted about the show, but its comment was much more positive.

Sorry, Maroon 5 and friends. Can't win 'em all!

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