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How The CW Sparked a Full-On Social Media War with 'Pretty Little Liars' Fans

(ABC Family) 

It started with a promo...
The CW revealed its plans to air a promo for their freshman series The Originals during Tuesday night's telecast of Pretty Little Liars. However, this was no ordinary promo. It flat out mocked PLL's villain 'A' and urged fans to turn the channel to "something that's absolutely bad a**." Why? Because Tuesday night marked the first time the two teen dramas would air in the same 8pm time slot. And in this game, The CW really wanted to win.

But as always, armed and ready, the #PLLArmy quickly struck back. #LiarsUnite began trending worldwide, while fans started to get real creative.

Other fans played the numbers game and reminded The Originals why PLL was crowned Most Tweeted TV Series of 2013

Then, PLL's official Twitter account struck back. Glorious.

As did showrunner I. Marlene King. 

The PLL cast heard the calling and struck back too. 

Despite being greatly outnumbered by the #PLLArmy, The Originals team mobilized... 

...While news of the showdown spread far and wide, even among celebs. 

Yet in this war, some wanted peace... 

...While others desperately needed to get up to speed. 

Some were smart to recognize this battle for what it was. 

Then, as the East Coast airing of both shows was underway, Originals fans found themselves greatly outnumbered. 

Then, IT HAPPENED. The commercial that sparked a thousand tweets aired on PLL's home turf. 

It's effects dealt a definite blow to team Originals

Round 1 winner: #PLLArmy prevails. 

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