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These Comparisons Of Meghan Markle And Cinderella Are Magical

We're loving all the similarities between our two favorite princesses.

These Comparisons Of Meghan Markle And Cinderella Are Magical

Fans of the royal family have dubbed Meghan Markle the "real" Cinderella after pics comparing the two princesses made their way across the web. At first, we weren't so sure about the comparison — after all, times have changed since the 1950 animated film hit the public, and Markle has never been a woman to sit around and wait for a man in between cleaning seshes (vom). But we can't deny the likenesses between the Duchess's big day and Cinderella's.

For example, here's the moment Prince Harry and Markle held hands and descended the steps of St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle.

Or the moment they shared a kiss for the world to see, and when they hopped into their carriage after the ceremony.

TBH, the similarities are pretty striking. Even the style of the Duchess's gown channels Cinderella's.

Here's a GIF of Cinderella and Prince Charming jetting off after marrying...

...and here's a pic of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex doing the same.


Here they are again, walking down the chapel stairs...


...and here are their cartoon counterparts.

It's pretty life-changing, actually, to realize that fairytales really do come true.


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