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Joslyn James Talks Text Messages [Audio]

Gloria Allred Tiger Woods Press Conference
Porn star Veronica Siwik-Daniels (Joslyn James) (L) and attorney Gloria Allred react during the Tiger Woods' press conference at KABC Radio Station on February 19, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. (Getty Images)more pics »Joslyn James released a whole new can of worms in the Tiger Woods affair scandal saga today by posting a slew of dirty text messages he apparently sent to her during their sexual escapades. And, they're dirty. And, she went on radio show "Keeler in the Morning" to dish about them today.

Joslyn James (Bauer Griffin)
On the show, she talks about her site SextingJoslynJames.com, where the text transcript is posted. She said she "wanted the truth to come out," and that's why she posted the messages. She said she wants Tiger to "take full responsibility for his behavior."

In the interview, she said "he was into some pretty wild, fun stuff, I guess it depends on your version of wild." She also said she will release more soon, so to keep checking her site. She also had "no comment" about him being good in bed, and said he was "beyond adequate" when asked if he was "large."

The text messages she posted are pretty racy, and include sexual activities like biting, slapping, choking, etc. She confirmed that he was a fan of these things in the radio interview as well.

Hear the transcript of her radio interview from today here (via News Wizard):
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